Tarot the trusted confidant

tarot readings reveal secrets
⁣Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion

My lifeline to sanity has always been the Tarot. I have devoured every book I can find on the subject, one of my favourites is on my reading rotation again, like it’s every really been away. What grounds you? What is your go to subject that puts everything in perspective?

The sounding board to my innermost secrets

The tarot deck is my confidant, the sounding board to my innermost secrets. ⁣I love giving readings for a similar reason, being in someones universe for a short time, sharing their dreams & secrets. Then leaving them all behind & slipping off happy in to the night.⁣⁣

The old texts can be slightly esoteric, quite difficult to unravel. They always embody real wisdom that gets right to the heart of the experience. They are catalysts, always sparking a thought process that blows my mind, setting me off on new creative rollercoaster. There is an authenticity in these old texts that touches me on a soul level that no amount of scrolling could ever replace.

For a while I became obsessed with early editions, thinking that somehow if I could own the originals I would be closer to the meaning. The wisdom would transfer somehow through my fingers. Now I think it is the ideas that matter, the sparks that jump from a page & ignite the mental touch paper that opens new windows in my mind. 

Tarot cards do the same for me every day, the pages reappearing in myriad different forms, rewriting my experiences, ready to reveal the next chapter. They have become my meditation, my morning prayer.

I love sitting in our tiny garden first thing. It is that time of year when our bumble bee friends are flitting between the new blooms, purple appears to be their favourite colour.

The painted pasteboards turn, a dance between two souls. One day we will be but a story, the Tarot, the book with no pages contains every story ever told.

It’s your story, you are the author, what is your next chapter? As a card reader you never tell anyone anything, you just reveal a clue that sets them off on a fresh journey of discovery. Tales need to be told, old battles & victories need to be discussed, it is the as yet undiscovered where the magic lives. A telephone psychic reading with a skilled tarot reader can walk you through your story, what chapters are waiting to be discovered.

As we shift through time the story doesn’t always have a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s not always necessary to understand everything, just make the best of the moment we have right now to manifest an extraordinary tomorrow.

Make today magical for you.

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