Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards & Psychics. Can they help you create your future ?

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What is the best way to uncover your life path ?

Although I own several including one gorgeous example owned by my mother, I hardly ever use the crystal ball. Amazingly my statistics for my sites show that many people in India looking for a psychic reading are looking for a crystal ball reader. This just shows that the trends for mystic intervention change from culture to culture, people the world over are searching for answers to life’s questions. I have an online crystal ball page on my site, though obviously this is only for entertainment & is designed just to spark your intuition. When the mist clears what is the next message to be revealed !.

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When someone decides to visit me for a Tarot card reading, or to connect to one of my tested psychic readers by telephone, I am always fascinated as to what they expect from a Clairvoyant. Most times people imagine the classic image of the ‘fortune teller’ in a turban with hoop ear-rings. The fact is these days most readers are more likely to come across as consultants or therapists. In fact many of the best readers have training in some form of counselling or therapy. The number one request I receive is for love tarot readings. Quite a few people request mediums, though I am reluctant to recommend anyone who I am not 100% convinced is able to bring messages through the veil, or give evidence of survival of the personality after what we in the west refer to as ‘physical death’.

When you are ready to connect to an online psychic, for a tarot reading or any other form of consultation, you need to go in with an open mind & really decide what it is you expect to gain from your reading.

The correct term is psychic though you would be amazed at how many spelling combinations wend there way to my readers, ‘physic’ being the number one. Being dyslexic myself I have no problem with how any one arrives for their psychic reading as long as they are happy & get the help the require.

Psychics come in many forms, empaths, intuitives, spiritualists. Whether they use Tarot cards, a crystal ball or no props whatsoever, these genuine individuals have offered help for centuries. Having checked my site today the number one tarot search term is ‘tarot gratis’, I hope that when the reading has gone through the translation engine the meaning is as I intended !

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