Tarot or Oracle cards – Which are best for You?

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Have I gone mad? Free Alice Tarot readings

The easy answer is what ever works for you & more importantly your clients. Sometimes when I am giving readings the host has a problem with Tarot. No surprise, Tarot has had a bad rap, movies like ‘Dr Terrors House of Horrors’ (one of my childhood faves) didn’t exactly do much to promote the Tarot as the powerful positive psychological tool that I believe it can be. Visit my free tarot readings for a taster of what messages may be waiting in the cards for you.

My religious friends particularly have a problem with the imagery & archetypes of Tarot. I used to be wheeled out to read at my sisters parties, she’s a reader but was too busy doing the cheesy pineapple on sticks, well it was the 70’s. I remember pulling out the Devil card & all hell broke loose, pardon the pun. One of the guests was quite traditional & walked in on a reading after too much blue nun, he almost expired on the spot, I might as well have been sacrificing someone on the coffee table.

If I’m asked to read in a situation where Tarot may not be welcomed I used to get on my high horse & throw my toys out of the pram. Now I have quite a burgeoning collection of vintage cards & will use one of those. The image in my header features one of my favourites & if I’m feeling particularly esoteric I will probably use this vintage Alice deck. Far too valuable & falling apart but always kicks off some amazing readings.

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Guess what, no matter what oracle I use, the messages I give are all still pure Tarot. I don’t need cards anymore to trigger my intuition. My job is simply to send the questioner away feeling more optimistic about themselves & the opportunities that are set to open up for them.

It really doesn’t matter what vehicle you use to get to your destination, as long as you arrive safely. Talking of vehicles my card of the day is the Chariot, see what I did there? seamless.

Card of the day The Chariot

key VII

Ready for fast forward?

Step inside the Chariot Tarot card with me. Check in to tarotrehab – link in bio. 2 minute Tarot journeys, for each key, your journey awaits. 

The Chariot, Child of the Power of the Waters, Lord of the Triumph of Light

This card is TRANSITION positivity after internal conflict, Control over negative thought patterns a junction has been reached, a course must be chosen.

The Chariot is static, the journey & progress are internal, your thoughts are transporting you to a future version of yourself. The reigns are invisible though they are firmly under your control. 

This is the 7th portal. The Road ahead comes in to focus, your future self is there ready to show you the way. 

The Astrological influence is Cancer, the environment is highly charged with hidden emotion. You may often put on a brave face, suppress emotion, the Chariot recognises the immense power within, your spiritual battery is charged & ready.

No time for procrastination. Take action and move forward. Time to become an upgraded version of you, let go of the fear, the clock is ticking. The Charioteer has absorbed the lessons of all the archetypes before him, you can trust in his abilities.

Have a transformational day.

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