Feeling Fragmented?

Fragmented – Yesterday I gave some readings. Boy people were frazzled – One lady in particular (turns to she was a Gemini, some people would say dual personality already 🙂 Was so fragmented I didn’t need a Tarot deck, I needed a shot of valium. She was a donkey on the edge. Fragmentation is so… Continue reading Feeling Fragmented?

Are you evolving?

Tarot thought for today – Evolve – I’m really enjoying investigating this idea, re-invention. If you always respond in the same way, you always get the same result. Sometimes it’s you or your point of view that needs to change. It’s easy to go through life bouncing from bumper sticker to pinterest affirmation, avoiding everything… Continue reading Are you evolving?

You think you have time…


#omaratarot This week I’ve been thinking about time. We all have a limited resource of time during our current existence, we really need to spend more of it scrolling through social media. BAM! if you’ve read this far I’m not having a go, I’m as bad as anyone, my phone reports to me every week… Continue reading You think you have time…

Hello stress, thanks for dropping by

Look inside – Quiet the mind One of the greatest lessons I have learnt is to put the world on pause. To exist just in that second & give myself a little kindness. I’m a big fan of meditation & hypnosis. Being able to focus, be awake & pay attention to the moment. When I… Continue reading Hello stress, thanks for dropping by

The only True Power is Within

Connect to Your True Power Do you get waves of feeling powerless? Almost hopeless? If you have, & I know you have, there’s no reason to feel anxious. We have all felt that way! One of the default settings of the human condition is to feel occasionally unnerved. Sensitive people & people who have opened… Continue reading The only True Power is Within

Taking Control with the Tarot

Social media – Fake News?, it feels more & more that we are struggling to be ‘on’ & know everything, be everywhere 24/7. I think this is actually making people feel more isolated & disconnected from their reality. Only today I saw someone have a very real & very loud public breakdown on a train… Continue reading Taking Control with the Tarot

Use the Lunar Power of the Moon to Connect With Your Dreams

The moon has a huge influence on my life, the first card I created for my personal Tarot deck & constantly on my mind should I be under the effects of some lunar lunacy.  You may only know it as a satellite that orbits the earth, but it plays a much larger role than lighting… Continue reading Use the Lunar Power of the Moon to Connect With Your Dreams

Tarot Synchronicity – Cathartic Cartomancy

Tarot Synchronicity What a weekend. An amazing time of incredible storms & powerful energies. The atmosphere was indeed electric, big hitters of the Tarot coming through in many readings to instigate serious shifts & cathartic conversations. Judgement, The Ten of Swords, The Lovers & of course the Tower struck by lightning. My brief was ‘Give… Continue reading Tarot Synchronicity – Cathartic Cartomancy