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four of swords tarot meaning

B R E A T H E – As we enter that no man’s land of the holiday period I truly hope you find time to re-connect to what is truly important. Family, friends, love, health. For me it is often just the opportunity to be me, off the clock, no agenda. I hope this holiday gives you the space to remember who you are, to rediscover your inner child. A chance to re-assess, to re-ignite your dreams. Moving towards the promise of the New Year I hope that you shatter every self limiting belief about who you are, who you can become. May your life glow with adventures not yet even imagined. Follow your star from the shadows of the past & burn with your brightest of lights.

Take time to recharge

A journey in to the Four of Swords is called for. As I often do I took the chosen card to bed, placed it under my pillow. I imagined stepping through the frame in to the story of the card, I was greeted by the recuperating knight, here are some of my fragmented impressions.

The Four of Swords card features a brick wall broken only by an inviting stained-glass window, the four swords form a cage and the suit of armour signifies withdrawal, solitude & inner reflection.

Sound familiar?

This card can often reveal an emotional rollercoaster that requires us to work through internal conflict. When we are forced to sit down & confront our inner demons, they can sometimes turn out to be just nocturnal apparitions fuelled by our imagination. 

Now is the perfect time to greet aspects of our personality, sit with them & decide whether or not they are real, or just stories that we have told ourselves. An accurate psychic telephone reading can help unscramble some of those stories. My new psychics page shows who is available to reveal where your path may be set to lead.

Such strange times. In readings & just in general conversation there is a new phenomena. People emerging bruised & battered, only now ready to process, feeling like they have been in suspended animation.

The Four of Swords indicates enforced regeneration. Introspection, reflection, deep contemplation surrounds a seismic soul shift allowing previous lessons to be learnt & embedded. 

Then slowly but surely sanity returns. Not all at once, in bursts of a few seconds of strung together clarity. You emerge with the enthusiasm of a child. ‘Oh my god! I’m alive!’ & everything is incredible, everything is too fantastic & you have to live as much life as you possibly can! You can rise from your pit, take up your sword, fight again.

Enforced contemplation brings everything in to focus. You realise that you may have been giving too much, you need to nourish & love yourself just that bit more. As an empath it’s so easy to forget how important shutting down & protection really are, especially in the buzz of the city. 

Four of Swords affirmation

The Astrological connection here is

Jupiter in Libra. Re-group now, gather

your inner strength. Avoid stress and

anxiety, be realistic in your expectations,

serenity can be yours.

Be kind to yourself right now.

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