Repair & Renew

reinvent & renew

Renew – I was at a party last night. An end of year party. My invisible protection cloak was set to full & I still came away frazzled. This has been a hell of a year for us all, on so many levels. If like me you feel disconnected, fragmented even, now is the time to repair & renew. As we approach the Winter Solstice it is a time of recounting stories of the year ( often involving ale & crying!), preparing for the dark months ahead. Renewing & re-energising as we prepare for the promise of the New Year. Giving presents & counting our blessings with the ones we hold dear.

The end of year party is not a new thing, it has been happening for millenia.
Release the past, live the now & prepare to manifest the brightest of futures.
Go forth & be fabulous today, no matter how hungover you are!
“Release the past, live the now & prepare to manifest the brightest of futures”
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Times have been hard & continue to be for many people, Tower card life falling down around the ears hard. If I hear another person say ‘look on the bright side’ I will smash them in the face with their dreamcatcher. For many people this is the challenge of their lives. Repair & renew is the theme today & now is the perfect time to rebuild the future from the shadows of our past.

Todays Tarot – Five of Cups

Five cups in front of a thunderous sky, three have spilled their contents, 2 still remain upright. A bridge leads across a calm river to an ancient castle. This bridge leads to the life you have known was waiting, now is the time.

Out of adversity great dreams can flourish. Begin to weave your dreams in to your reality until they become one, don’t dither about, make it happen. A telephone psychic reading can be an amazing way to set your priorities as the year unfolds, a reading via psychic texts is a faster way to find answers to your most pressing questions.

We are in an extraordinary window of time. We are shapeshifters, we have been given an incredible opportunity to forge a new path, to make different choices.

Be careful not to chase rainbows, or build castles in the sky. Chase our dream, create your own happiness.

May today be transformational for you

Five of cups

Lord of loss in pleasure

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological correspondence here

is Mars in Scorpio. Do not dwell on the

past, you don’t live there anymore. Live

in the moment, be ready to move on.

You can create the future you desire.

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