You think you have time…

#omaratarot This week I’ve been thinking about time. We all have a limited resource of time during our current existence, we really need to spend more of it scrolling through social media. BAM! if you’ve read this far I’m not having a go, I’m as bad as anyone, my phone reports to me every week what a waster I am.
Many people who have readings are focusing on the ants, not the elephants. Quite often someone sits in front of me & blithers on about some guy they are obsessed with. I nod sagely & make a few comments here & there, there’s no point in saying “Why bother you won’t be together in 3 months” They won’t want to hear it, sometimes they can’t hear it.

We all have a limited amount of time. I saw the Bohemian Rhapsody movie recently, I enjoyed it even though I think it had little to do with the truth.
I met Freddie a couple of times on nights out. His time was cut short, as was many of my friends time around that period in history. The technology is now here to stop that happening. What might Freddie have done had he not been taken so young?

You think you have time, you don’t. What is your purpose? What do you really want to get done before your personal countdown expires. You know deep inside, you really do. You will put it off until ‘it is the right time’, ‘its christmas’, ‘works crazy’, ‘I have no time’ Make some time, get up an hour earlier, stop watching trash tv.

That time is now. Do me a favour, stop scrolling, take a deep breath & treat yourself to five minutes of thinking about what you really want to do

I like to give credit where credit’s due, I’m not 100% sure where the quote I used came from. A lot of sources say ‘Buddha’ but I’m not totally sure, if you are then please let me know.

Go forth & be extraordinary today

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