Are you evolving?

Tarot thought for today – Evolve – I’m really enjoying investigating this idea, re-invention. If you always respond in the same way, you always get the same result. Sometimes it’s you or your point of view that needs to change. It’s easy to go through life bouncing from bumper sticker to pinterest affirmation, avoiding everything & trusting to the universe. Life will still be waiting.

“pull up your big girl pants & face the music”

One day you will have to pull up your big girl pants & face the music, it can be so cathartic & freeing. I have had an incredibly challenging 2018, on many levels. Not ‘mercury retrograde’ stuff, real, hard life stuff. I believe the trick is, don’t bleat on about it & learn from the lesson, get amongst it & grab everything life has to offer.

Wishing you a magical weekend, go forth & be fabulous!

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Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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