Feeling Fragmented?

Fragmented – Yesterday I gave some readings. Boy people were frazzled – One lady in particular (turns to she was a Gemini, some people would say dual personality already 🙂 Was so fragmented I didn’t need a Tarot deck, I needed a shot of valium. She was a donkey on the edge. Fragmentation is so common place now. You have the ‘social you’, the image you project on the socials. Then you have the different hats you wear. For her it was wife, mother, teacher, daughter, sister, therapist, taxi-driver, the list was endless. I don’t discuss readings, however, The Seven of Cups with it’s choices, dreams & illusions resonated perfectly with the poor woman before me. The older & grumpier I get the happier I become in my skin. Whatever part you are playing as you go through life, remember the part you were born to play. The real you, behind all of the layers.

“you are a true star, take a bow”

I hope today you can go forth & give an exceptional performance. Remember there is only one audience that really matters & that is you, your biggest critic. Chill out & give yourself a five star review.

Take off the mask, turn off the spotlight, you are a true star, take a bow.

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