Meditate and Manifest

Step Inside Your Mind and Manifest the Life You Deserve
heighten your awareness of self, tap into your spiritual being

Unlock the Secrets of Meditation

Step Inside Your Mind and Manifest the Life You Deserve

It doesn’t have to happen up a mountain, blissed out, in the lotus position, you can do it on the bus. I particularly like the image I’ve used of the woman doing yoga with the cat. I’ve got twin felines who have gatecrashed my life, I’m getting increasingly good at living my life with one, or two, cats wrapped around my body.

I’ve been meditating & chanting for many years. I also love hypnosis. Meditation for me is trying to quiet the thousand distractions in my mind, connect with whatever ‘I’ am, the entity that is observing everything else. Most often it feels like I’m just behind my eyes, sometimes my consciousness just flies off anywhere, backwards & forwards in time. It can be amazing.

I focus my mind with symbols, music, incense, sometimes nothing, whatever works for me & my surroundings at that moment. Join my inner monk on a 2 minute chant, think of nothing, just clear your mind.

Manifestation and meditation go hand in hand. Together they form a powerful method which can help you to manifest all of your heart’s desires. This ancient technique will fulfil your wishes and help you to achieve your goals – if you know how to use it.

So how can you make meditation work for you and attract the life that you want? We’ll uncover the secrets of meditation that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. 

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a holistic practice that encourages a state of mindfulness. During meditation the body becomes relaxed, attention is focused on breathing and eventually, the mind will transcend into a Theta brainwave state.

Theta brain waves occur when we are deeply relaxed. It is considered to be the subconscious mind, somewhere between the conscious and unconscious. It is where our beliefs are stored. This makes meditation the perfect tool for conquering negative and limiting beliefs.

Meditation can also heighten your awareness of self, meaning that you tap into your spiritual being. The essence that makes up your soul comes to the forefront and you connect with your higher power. It is a transcendental activity that can improve everything from your mood and self-esteem to aiding you along your manifestation journey.

Meditation and Manifestation

To manifest something successfully we must achieve several things; a clear intention, believe that it is achievable and feel good while doing it. During meditation, we can focus on our intention and hone in on its energetic vibration. This means that the feeling of having the desire that we want must become a central part of our meditation if we want to attract it.

This helps us to align with what we want. Meditation blurs the line between what we want to manifest and who we are. Instead of seeing things as separate to us, we begin to understand throughout meditation that we are all connected. Our heightened awareness is the act of being aware that we are not just encompassed in this body.

You are omnipotent, powerful and there is nothing that you cannot do or achieve.

We are energetic beings who are part of the fabric of the universe. Through our mind, we create our reality, and so by meditating we can use this gift that we hold to its maximum potential. This is why we need to be clear about what we want so that we can become the very thing that we are asking for.

As meditation works with the subconscious mind manifestation can be achieved when we meditate and focus on shifting our beliefs. Any conflicting ideas that we hold about ourselves can be eradicated and replaced with positivity and abundance. 

If we want to manifest something but we do not believe that we can live the lifestyle that we want or have the experience or person that we desire, then we will struggle to attract it. We have to know within our hearts that we can have what we want and leave no room for doubt.

Meditation can help us to ascend to a mental state that leaves the ego behind. The ego believes in limitations. It judges our self worth on what other people think about us and our past experiences. Through meditation, you will rise beyond your earthly ways of thinking and step into your truth: You are omnipotent, powerful and there is nothing that you cannot do or achieve.

When we are in this state of being and we are free of negative beliefs we can manifest anything that we want. All of our needs will be met and we will feel invincible. When we combine this feeling with our intentions it is possible to manifest almost instantly. We can shift our reality from poverty to prosperity, drastic changes can occur that will change our lives forever.

Once you use meditation to manifest, your life will never be the same again. Through this practice, you will raise your vibration to a higher feeling state which will put you in alignment with the thing that you want. One aspect of attraction is feeling good about your intention while connecting with what it would feel like to have the thing that you desire.

Meditation can bring the body, mind and soul in to balance and increase our energetic frequency to attract what we want. 

How To:

Make the Most Out of Your Manifestation Meditations

Use Your Senses

Smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch – utility these in your meditations and you will powerfully align yourself. Using your senses will make you feel as if you are experiencing what you want to manifest in the present moment. This will create like for like experiences in your reality.

Many of my best Clairvoyants & psychics are practised in meditation and use it to focus their abilities, to tune out of their surroundings, tune in to other energies and vibrations.

It’s about creating an experience where you shift from one reality to the next. Visualising with your senses isn’t wishful thinking, it is a creative process that harnesses the highest potential of your energy, the power of your mind and the depths of your intention.


While you are meditating, recite affirmations in your mind that are related to your intention. They will seep deep into your subconscious mind and emit their frequency out into the universe. Affirmations are a great way to strengthen your beliefs and set your intention. I use affirmations to embed meanings in my Tarot practice. Each meaning of the Major Arcana page has a Tarot affirmation next to the image of the card, I find a combination of imagery & words works for me.

Always set your affirmations in the present tense and connect to the emotion that it incites. This will make the affirmations more personal. They should be as specific as possible in order for you to manifest exactly what you want.


After you have finished meditating, take a moment to think and focus on how the meditation made you feel. Hone in on the sense of freedom that you may have felt and bring the feeling of powerful expectation into your reality.

If it helps, start to script your new reality based on the vision that you conjured during your meditation. Write out all of your hopes and dreams, start to feel amazing! Meditation can give you everything that you deserve. The power to create the life that you want is inside of you and it always has been.

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