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Faith: Your Life’s Invisible Coach

Whether it is through organised religion or something more esoteric, it has been shown that people with faith in something generally lead a more fulfilled existence. Sometimes when we lose faith in our beliefs, or even ourselves we can feel as if we have been left floundering, with no purpose or direction.
Sometimes, you may just develop the feeling that the whole world has abandoned you. During these challenging moments, you frantically search for the proper response to your dreadful woes. Your attempts to pacify your mind just continually fail because of the gravity of the misfortune that haunts you at the moment. You cannot spare yourself from anxiety and everything around you seems incapable of empowering you.

You begin to lose your supposedly strong belief in your capabilities. During your dire moments, you think there must be a person or another entity that will save you from the endless darkness or you may end up totally giving up on everything. When everything seems to completely fall down, you are kept intact by a final endeavour for retaining your sanity. Such entity is invisible, inaudible and intangible. People call this entity faith, your life’s invisible coach. Most of the time that invisible entity is you, it is you that ultimately creates your reality.

For you to exist harmoniously and peacefully with other people and yourself, you have to rely on a lot of things. Maslow, a known theorist during World War II, mentioned that there exist motivational levels, which compel humans to become optimistic and efficient individuals.

Humans begin with the fundamental physiological necessities, such as food and a place to live. Later on, people look for social safety. They eventually aspire for love and aspire to belong to a particular social group. Spiritual readings can be a big help to those setting out on a metaphysical journey of discovery. Eventually, humans strive for the ultimate goal of a harmonious human mind. This ultimate goal is called self-actualisation, which means a successful integration of the various fields of necessities into one’s self.

It cannot be denied that you have means for gathering the mentioned necessities and making them your actual reason for self-contentment. When I was working out how to provide professional psychic readings online I had to dig deep to be sure that I could provide the level of service I aspired to. The normal portrayed scenario brings about the possibility that you may be lacking in acquiring all the presented necessities to follow your dream. This imagined inadequacy compromises the stability of the entire hierarchy and you may end up returning to the company of self doubt. It is crucial when you are setting out on a spiritual journey to be sure that your soul is nourished in whatever field you decide to apply yourself.

Although the first five necessities continually exist for people to acquire and integrate, the hierarchy requires a strong base and a durable top layer. When the hierarchy collapses, you may hang on to a thin but very tough layer. From that layer, you can climb your way up to the higher levels that you require to attain. By the time your quest delivers you to the highest level of self-actualisation, you’ll be able to bind the hierarchy using the same layer.

Your life coach then enters the picture. Believing in the invisible and keeping the belief that it will secure your sanity is a feat that is greater than self-actualisation given that it exceeds the typical functions of the human mind and physical understanding.

Alternative fuel for the soul

Many people learn to revive from the ashes over and over again, the human condition is very resilient. However, there are also numerous unfortunate souls who permit them selves to be completely consumed by their hardships. Keep in mind that as long as you live, you can still steer yourself away from the imagined abyss of self doubt and into the track of wellness.

You are provided a mind that thinks about what must be done, a body that acts out your various tasks, and a heart that enables you to overcome gloomy situations. The heart, body and mind constitute the soul. It may remain existent even in the absence of the other, and it is situated within your mind.

The invisible coach motivates you and everybody else to keep on living. Just like everyone else, you are not capable of seeing, touching, hearing and fully understanding it; however, everybody is certain about its existence. You must keep in mind that your soul requires a form of motivation. You must faithfully provide an ethereal fuel that appropriately matches your ethereal spirit.

Faith means believing that you are still capable of continually living a happy life, even if you have apparently been abandoned by the physical world. You must feed it to your soul to retain your fundamental existence. Your soul’s fuel may come in the form of a deity or something else similar. Although born in to a catholic background I actually feel happier around buddhist ideals. In fact it was my Irish psychic granny who first led me to challenge my beliefs. Your beliefs persistently influence you in a manner comparable to what a truly dedicated life coach does. It is just different from all the physical life coaches you may ever meet by being unseen and by being the most powerful one there is. Whatever you believe in, whatever drives you, it is important to focus that energy continuously to power your life forward.

Stilling the mind
I try to still the chattering in my mind at least once away, moving my conscious mind away from the thousand ideas & questions to the back of my mind, allowing the thousand things to continue, while I try & decipher what is truly important for me in that moment.

Chanting has helped me a great deal in the past & you can focus your mind through the power of chant on my chanting page here, it uses flash so doesn’t work on iDevices unfortunately. : Buddhist Chants

Whatever you believe, whatever your faith, remember to always believe in, and love yourself, first.

All the best as always

Paul O’Mara

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