New Moon Update – Be Clear on your intentions

Aries New Moon
–              New Moon updates – Aries

As an Aries myself, the recent New Moon in Aries has fired my inspiration. I always sleep erratically & have incredible dreams around any New Moon, this one though has reignited my Aries traits of requiring results & change immediately & sharpened my senses. I always have far more spontaneity when my true astrological self is around & make decisions quickly & without regret. The card I drew for the New Aries Moon was the Six of Cups, so the positive side of nostalgia has fired youthful exuberance in to my world & my relationships. If you are looking for love then now is the time to project your true, authentic self and trust that Love is in the air now.
The New Aries Moon shatters self destructive or repetitive patterns of behaviour, now is the time to trust that those feelings of being held back by circumstance are no longer relevant. This Moon really is the time to charge in to the next chapter of your life, welcoming opportunity with open arms. Love & relationships, projects and career can all be revitalised at this time, remember to enjoy each second and consciously chase out any negativity as now the only thing that can hold you back is you !.
What is it you really want to achieve ?. Fix that in your subconscious & allow your inner self to attract your desires with every step now as the current planetary alignment including Mars & the energetic sun really can help to turn your dreams in to reality !.

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