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Snow Moon February
February brings the second full moon of the year: the full snow moon

February 27, 2021 – How will the Full Snow Moon in Virgo Affect You?

My mother loved the Full Moon, the Almanac would be out, all the superstitions, the gossip. Of course that’s why I am such a moon baby, join me to learn more in my meaning of the Moon Tarot movie. Ruby Josephine, this moon’s for you.

Each month has a particular type of Full Moon; February’s Moon is called the Snow Moon.  In the northern hemisphere, the term ‘Snow Moon’ reflects the time when the winter season is in full force. This February Moon has other names too: the Hunger Moon, Storm Moon, & Chaste Moon.

There are also different special types of full moons: the Blood Moon, which actually happens during a full lunar eclipse; a Supermoon, which usually happens when the moon is full & closest to the Earth; & the Blue Moon (“once in a blue moon”), which is actually a second Full Moon in a calendar month (occurring once every 2 & ½ years).

What is the Full Snow Moon & When Can You See It?

Traditionally the Full Moon in the month of February is known as the Snow Moon due to the heavy snowfall expected during the month. On February 27, 2021, the second full moon of this year will take place: and it will be the Full Snow Moon in Virgo. This Snow moon’s influence will be felt in the signs of the zodiac, in the February full of special astrological phenomena.

The Snow Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021 coincides with the coming of Venus in Aquarius which enhances the desire for emotional independence. Find out more about the full moon and how it will affect you and your surroundings according to your zodiac sign.

Full Snow Moon in Virgo: How Does It Affect You?

The fullness of the Snow Moon in Virgo, under the great influence of Mercury, coincides with the astral transition of the super trine that puts in connection three major planets of the same sign: Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus. This arrangement and alignment with the Moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn & Mars in Taurus is an excellent sign that will bring the achievement of your goals thanks to perseverance & realism. What does the mean reveal for you? Check out your Lunar Fortune now Moon Tarot Card Fortune Meaning

The full snow moon in Virgo is a sign or invitation to achieve an emotional & mental balance that offers greater stability in your life. This astral phenomenon will allow you to be able to be who you actually are, discovering the true essence that remained hidden for quite a while and turning it into a whole new force to become more aware of yourself.

This Full Snow Moon really has the potential to boost all of us emotionally. And with the Decan including Sagittarius, it can be an excellent Full Moon to travel under, selecting a warm, inviting, & playful destination, even if due to circumstance that journey must be a virtual one.  Even if you live in that part of the world where it is bitterly cold around this time; try to make this Full Snow Moon one on which you do something to connect with & express your positive energy. Throw a small party, purchase yourself a gift, or do something joyful with someone young or with someone young at heart!

In this new lunar cycle, you will be able to let go of the ties that stop you from fulfilling all your desires. This will bring you even closer to new experiences, new valuable knowledge and new individuals that will introduce you to a new important phase. 

By gaining a whole lot of confidence thanks to the personality of Virgo you will discover in you a stronger & more powerful being, capable of doing anything. Virgos tend to be interested in clean & healthy food, the closeness of spring can spark a new fascination with wellness.

Ritual for the Snow Moon on February 27, 2021

February 27th brings the second full moon of the year: the full snow moon in Virgo that can transmute energy into a powerful time for self awareness. You can focus on self care under the light of this moon by performing this ritual for the Snow Moon.

Let time slow down, eat a delicious but light meal, avoid caffeine. Take a relaxing bath with all the bells and whistles, a scented candle, bubbles, an inspirational book. After the bath, search for a comfortable place to sit in meditation mode, not necessarily full on cross legged Yogi, any position that allows you to look inwards. Light a small yellow candle, which is the symbol of abundance & wealth, and write on a sheet of paper everything that is stopping you from fulfilling all your desires. Then write all the beliefs that no longer serve you. Sit & run through all those scenarios in your mind, watching the negatives fade away, embracing the new positives, bringing them in to focus, really feeling the energy engulf you. Then safely burn that piece of paper while saying a prayer of gratitude to the Snow Moon.

This full snow moon is a beauty, significant for everyone though for Virgo it can be a transformational beacon of future transformation. As a Virgo, take pride in eating nutritious food, shine a light on all those small changes you know you need to make. This month, you will have an opportunity to review all your habits and finally release any behaviour that serve you no longer.

Keep those positive changes on the back burner of your mind, they can become a subliminal mantra automatically making subtle changes to your life. Reprogramming your mental software, absorbing the subconscious messages this full snow moon has for you.  Connect to the full snow moon in Virgo, it will surely help you to achieve all that this astral phase is asking from you.

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