Judgement a psychic awakening, 2011 -2012, a shift in consciousness ?

judgement tarot meaning

As the Angel Gabriel blows the trumpet that is our wake up call, are we in danger of not grasping what is happening in our existence. Massive changes & environmental shifts are happening right now all over our planet. Many doctrines & religions from Mayan prophecy, to organised religions have written about 2011 being the pre-cursor to a massive shift in consciousness in 2012.

Will this be a psychic awakening ?

The strange occurrences all over our planet have impacted on many of the more sensitive people I have spoken to recently. In fact more & more people who contact me feel that they are on the verge of a psychic awakening. Science is reconsidering it’s position on psychic ability, precognition & super consciousness. It is now becoming apparent that the ‘butterfly effect’, whereby the action of every individual can really have an effect on the whole of society, should be subjected to further scrutiny. I have long realised that by focussing my consciousness on positive outcomes, my reality can be influenced. Psychic ability is, I believe, very real in all of us. Increasingly people are telling me that super realistic dreams, heightened senses & feelings of being on the verge of a new reality are keeping them awake at night.

Psychic awareness

Most children through play & daydreams seem to utilise the right side of their brain. My fascination with hypnosis accesses this side, the subconscious side of our brain. Our society conditions us to use the left hand side, the conscious, more analytical side of our brain. As the events unfolding around the globe begin to challenge our logic, does this explain why more & more of us are accepting that our natural instinct, our intuition, deserves more of our attention?

Many of the psychics I encounter are obviously able to over-ride the rigid logic of the left brain to access the less analytical, more intuitive, creative right brain. The area of the brain shown to be responsible for intuition & dreams. A lot of people on a similar spiritual journey are looking for their soulmate, someone on the same spiritual frequency as themselves who will share their outlook on the world, join them on their journey.

Back to Judgement, the wake up call … Will you continue along the same path for 2011 that will inevitably lead you to the same destination? Or will you make a (sub) conscious decision to trust in yourself, your intuition, to begin to form the reality that deep down you have always known is rightly yours?

Trust your intuition, roll with the hunches & 2011 could be the catalyst for a new reality.

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