The Knight of Wands – Trust Your Intuition & Take Flight

knight of wands tarot meaning

The Knight of Wands.

The Prince of The Chariot of Fire

The Knight of Wands Tarot Card – Appearance

A dynamic dark young man with piercing eyes heralds a change of pace …

The Knight of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :







The Knight of wands appears, if he heralds an actual meeting, expect to greet a very personable young man of a jolly disposition who makes every one he connects with feel at ease. A great host & an inspirational trustworthy friend beware that he doesn’t bear fools gladly. He instantly will give unconditional friendship, however, once crossed he is a formidable adversary. The Knight in a reading often indicates that the questioner has connections with family abroad, who may even have emigrated many years ago. He is strong willed & tends to lead an uncomplicated existence. He analyses situations quickly & acts fast on his hunches impulsively. The Knight can symbolise interests that have not been fully developed, that re resurfacing in the questioners life. Any interest in music or the arts should be followed. The Knight often shows a person that has an incredible recall in one specific field, be it history, films, records, whatever, this person has an almost catalogue recall of everything that interests them.

The Knight is incredibly organised & tidy though can tolerate disorganised friends. He has a Scorpio influence so is incredibly good at keeping secrets.

The Knight of Wands Tarot Card – Correspondences

Though he is astrologically connected with secretive Scorpio, his element is fire which can lead to impulsive behaviour

My Relationship with The Knight of Wands

When the Knight breezes in to my reading I know that far reaching but permanent changes are set to occur in my life. I expect him to appear & offer his counsel if I am feeling that a situation is approaching it’s natural conclusion. The Knight will burst in and blow everything apart revealing a new direction. He doesn’t look back so upheaval should be accepted & the only way to move is forward … The Knight offers one other option, take a holiday, get as far away from your current situation as you possibly can. Forget everything stop over analysing & come back rejuvenated & on the attack. Follow the impulsive Knight & move forward with conviction. As the Knight would say , “Get moving, get over it, don’t look back embrace the future with full force. A challenge lies ahead, grab this opportunity & give your all until your new situation reveals itself ”

Are you ready for the enthusiasm of the Knight of Wands ?

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