Tarot The Lovers – Matters of the Heart – Soulmates

The Lovers

Meaning in a Tarot reading :
beginning of romance
a meaningful relationship
longing for missed chance of love

Appearance :
The Lovers depicts a young gorgeous man and woman; intertwined and naked. They appear as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; the Tree of Life is evident behind Adam and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil appears behind Eve, a Serpent lurks, menacingly. The sun burns behind a winged apparition of an angel appearing from the clouds, sometimes credited as Rapheal.
Interpretation :
The Lovers represents all aspects of relationships and the myriad choices connected with this exciting aspect of life. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing connection, a romantic temptation, or a choice of potential partners. Maturity means sacrificing the selfishness of adolescence to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship. Difficult choices may be indicated. Whatever the options, choose carefully, as the outcome will have far reaching, long lasting consequences.


Tree of Life Path : 7
Trump : 6-Lovers

Hebrew Letter : zain

Element Planet Zodiac : Gemini

Deities : Janis, Castor
Animal : Magpie
Plant : Orchids, Hybrids

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