Glastonbury a Psychic awakening

Over a quarter of century ago I was gifted my first
tarot deck in Glastonbury by my sister, herself a talented clairvoyant /
counsellor. As I excitedly watched the painted characters come to life
& dance before me, a powerful transition occurred…

I had discovered my

Glastonbury tor has
fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The Tor was visible in the
distance from the garden of my childhood home.

I recognized the
power long before I could explain it. I used to cycle to the Tor from a
very young age, later, at the summit of this ancient monument I gave
some of my first & undoubtedly best readings to interested passers
by. As I sat I absorbed each of the cards deep in to my subconscious. At
the summit of the Tor the real world faded away, my preferred world, the
' other world ', that was to become my domain, was within my grasp.
Time stood still ; I could sense the energies of generations the
mysterious power of the ancients.

The power of the
Tor still overwhelms me today. Wherever I am in the world I can tune
into the Tor and it is as is if I were there, experiencing its
incredible vibrations. So glad that this years Glasto festival has been basking in sunshine, it truly is a magical place…

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