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Accurate psychics. According to advertising standards psychics & clairvoyants are no longer allowed to claim accuracy in their readings. For many centuries intuitives, empaths, shaman, mystics & yes clairvoyants & psychics have been used as sounding boards. I believe a really good psychic reading should not be like visiting a ‘mindreading show’. Magicians & psychics are often at loggerheads & I personally think this is a dispute that can never be resolved. Yes I have had readings with amazing psychics who have told me things that they could not possibly have known by any other means. Many times however I have been just as impressed by readers who intuitively understand my situation & can offer me solid advice as to how they think & could engineer the very best outcome.
Choosing a Psychic
When you are choosing a psychic for your reading you should really not look for someone who claims to give accurate psychic readings. You need to trust your own intuition & go for a reading with someone who you feel will connect with you. You should watch out for generalisations, it is your psychic reading & you want answers to the questions you have in your head, not someone who though flattering may not really be able to help you on any quantifiable level.
I genuinely believe that a good psychic reading can be like a form of therapy, in fact many of the best psychics I have known have had some grounding in counselling. I myself became interested in CBT ( cognitive behavioural therapy ) and underwent a course my self. I think this is a very powerful technique in allowing people to uncover solutions for themselves. You don’t want to tell a person what to do, you want to give them the tools to find their own answers & move themselves through obstacles. This is how I believe a really great psychic reading should make you feel, like a conversation with a wise old elder who leaves you feeling empowered & ready to continue your journey.
Recommended Psychics & Clairvoyants
I have had many great readings with many of the readers featured on my recommended Psychics page. I am particularly happy when someone contacts me with a positive review for their reading & always make sure that this gets passed on to the reader as it gives them validation & confidence that they are valued.
Accurate psychic readings
As I have said I don’t think it is right or possible to advertise accurate psychic readings, as a clairvoyant reading is generally a more fluid experience. If every statement was 100% accurate then I would begin to suspect some sort of underhand behaviour is going on. Even the most amazing psychic I have ever had the privilege to work with & who started me on my journey through the Tarot wasn’t %100 accurate. In fact the last time I visited her before she passed away she wasn’t able to locate her false teeth, so I had a gummy ( but excellent ) reading. A story that never fails to reduce some of my friends to hysterics.
So in closing you don’t want a reader who uses generalisations & any direct hits are obviously a great indicator of psychic ability. The main indicator is that your reader stays within the official guidelines set down by the body that governs psychic readings. To be %100 compliant the company should also state that the reading is for entertainment purposes only, leaving you to make the judgement as to whether you are satisfied with your psychic reading.
I only work with genuine, caring readers who work from positivity & strive to give a positive empowering reading to any one who consults them. You can view my readers on my recommended psychic readers review page or on my book a psychic reading page.

If you are deciding to have a reading I truly hope that you connect with a reader who leaves you feeling energised & with a positive outlook to create a brighter future.

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