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the future is in your hands, how do you choose the right reader for you?

Free online tarot card readings & Psychic resources

My free online Tarot readings, horoscopes, animated tarot readings & numerous other free Psychic resources have been getting great feedback recently so thank you !.

Of course some are for entertainment only and some use FLASH but you can choose any of the following by clicking on whichever takes your fancy !. I had great fun creating them & you can find :
Free ESP Test – Test your psychic ability online
Free Wishing Well – Send your wish to the universe
Chakra Test – Learn how your chakras affect you
Chinese Astrology – What sign are you ? Who are you compatible with ?.
Crystal Ball – The mist clears ! Yes or No ?
Numerology – Get a full free Numerology report
Lottery generator – Let me choose your Lottery numbers
Astrology – My dedicated Horoscopes site
The Cube of Space – Where are you in the universe ?
Mindreader – Can I read your mind ?
Chant to your future – Some of my favourite chants
Cosmic Order – Use the law of attraction, send your order online
Fortune machine – Which card will my talking machine reveal ?
Ouija Board – will the planchette move for you ?
Palmistry – Is the future in your hands ?
Tarot meanings – The Major & minor arcana meanings revealed
The Tree of Life – Secrets of Kabbalah
Tarot postcards – Send a free Tarot card online

Of course you can also choose from my many free readings including my free spoken Celtic Cross, My animated talking  Tarot reading

I hope you enjoy these amazing free resources, I had a blast researching & making them !

I hope you manifest everything you desire, Paul x

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