There are psychic readings & then there are Psychic Readings

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Psychics or people giving consultations as ‘Psychic Readings‘ have always been a source of fascination & mystery. I have spent my life seeking out the best psychic readers as I developed this site, my own abilities & most importantly my relationship with my life’s purpose The Tarot. My free Tarot readings are based on some of my favourite encounters with many different readers & many different belief systems, including organised religions. There is no doubt that some people have increased sensitivity & are more intuitive, some of my recommended readers are testament to that. These individuals seem to be able to tune in to frequencies that are just outside the normal realms of perception. I also increasingly believe that the balance between a healthy body & a vibrant mind opens the individual to higher levels of intuition. I have recently embarked on a very strenuous exercise regime & have noticed that my cognitive powers are increasing as my fitness improves. It must be said that even though everyone has a certain amount of intuition, there is no doubt that some individuals have a more highly developed psychic ability. Even then the individual must learn to use their vision, be that clairvoyance, divination or any other form of sensitivity to connect with the questioner in a positive inspirational & uplifting way. I always stress that the initial rapport with a client is the key to a mutually successful reading.
Many readers are said to have a ‘sixth sense’ that enables them to connect to the sitter & unravel their current situation & provide clues as to where their life-path is set to lead them. People searching psychic reading near me often end up on these pages & checkout my available psychics panel. Every civilisation has recognised these sensitives, be they called a Psychic, Phone Reader, Seer, Tarot reader, clairvoyant, augur, channeller, crystal ball gazer, diviner, forecaster, fortune-teller, medium, oracle, palm reader, prophet, psychic, soothsayer or one of many other names for a recognised sensitive. Obviously a huge industry has grown up around Psychic Readings & anyone seeking the advice of a reader should use their judgement to be sure that they are happy with the reader & the information that is being shared. That is why I called this post ‘There are psychic readings & then there are Psychic Readings !’. Make sure you know the difference. When a client has a credit card reading with one of my colleagues it is important that they connect, if they feel that the reader is not the correct reader for them then the option is always there to re-connect to my reception & ask to be connected to another reader. If you are ready to embark on a reading you really should look to the person offering the service, does the general tone  resonate with you? Does the person give of the vibrations that you feel would benefit you? Quite often I have been presented with readers offering to advise me & I have thought, ‘Hold on a minute my intuition is telling me that I’m in a pretty good place, what can you reveal for me today?’ Sometimes I have been proved wrong. It never hurts to realise that just perhaps you are not right all of the time.

My personal belief system, the Tarot is my never ending journey that enables me to meditate on my decisions, balance my thought process & focus my quest to improve my relationship with life through the delicate balance of mind, body & spirit. My interest in Buddhism & my fascination with re-programming my subconscious through hypnosis, I believe, enables me to make the most of my life & strive towards the person I know I can become. No-one is going to show me the way & wherever I am I try & focus on neutralising any negative emotions that may be threatening to sabotage my day. I like to be able to return to my ‘default’ setting at will so I know I am in the correct space to give the very best that I can in any situation that arises.

I hope you enjoy my free psychic readings & keep looking to the future

Paul O’Mara

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