Top ten relationship tips with Feng Shui

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Feng Shui for Love & relationships

Feng Shui manipulates the energy or ‘Chi’ in your home to improve your day to day life & can impact not only your success but can be used to enhance your love life & relationships.

Top ten tips Feng Shui for relationships.

1. To enhance an existing relationship it is important to have pictures of happy moments or important times in your relationship as this will subliminally constantly remind you of why you are in love with this special person.

2.To symbolise a powerful union according to Feng Shui principles it is important to place a pair of objects in the southwest corner of your bedroom. This can be symbolic or can be as simple as some energised crystals, pink quartz is good as this is believed to epitomise the ultimate vibration of love.

3.If you have mirrors in the bedroom make sure that they do not reflect the loving couple as Feng Shui indicates that this provides a portal for a meddling party to cause a breakdown in the relationship. Large electrical devices such as televisions can introduce distracting negative energy in to the bedroom as can Wi-Fi equipment, try to keep these out of the bedroom.

4.The bed should not have your feet pointing directly at the door as this is believed to be how you are taken from the room in the event of your passing. The bed should also be as accessible as possible from as many sides as possible as this indicates freedom within the relationship.

5.If you have fresh plants or flowers in the room never allow them to wilt, likewise keep them from the southwest corner that corresponds to earth as both of these are believed to have a negative impact on romance.

6.Any art in the bedroom should be positive & not be too dark as they may subconsciously affect your moods. The bedroom should be a peaceful, safe environment for the couple who reside there. Any images in the bedroom that show couples, lovebirds or the beauty of nature will encourage a loving environment.

7. Lovemaking is obviously encouraged in the bedroom, physical exercise or working out is to be discouraged though as this is believed to represent handwork & can actually have a negative impact on sleep & relaxation.

8. The door to the bedroom should open freely & not stick as this encourages the powerful positive energies to flow in to the room. Likewise any furniture blocking the free movement of the door should be moved to prevent energy blocks.

9. en-suite bathrooms should not be in the south west corner of the room as these can impact the romantic energy flow. If a bathroom or toilet is unavoidably placed in this sector then a 5 bar wind chime can be used to divert the energy.

10. The bedroom should be well ventilated to allow old energy to escape & encourage new vibration. A central focus bought by the couple can ‘earth’ the energy of the room. A statue of Buddha or something symbolic is great for achieving this.

What if you are single & looking for love ?. Feng Shui principles can work for you, especially if you use them in combination with the law of attraction or cosmic ordering. In Feng Shui you can make a wish list of the qualities you are looking for in an imagined ideal partner & how they would help form your ideal relationship. Remember YOU are a large part of creating your ideal relationship so remember when writing your list to not only be specific, but also to bring in anything that you will contribute to the relationship. Work out where you stand with a free psychic reading, you may be surprised what you reveal. Your ideal partner may not magically appear & in my experience may be completely different to the partner of your dreams that you have imagined, however forming a positive wish-list & keeping it at the forefront of your mind will certainly do no harm. A telephone tarot reading can confirm that you are on the right track with creating your wish list & can uncover any previously unconsidered details to manifest your dream.

The principles of Feng Shui can help keep the love alive in relationships by keeping the positive aspects of your partnership at the front of your mind, encouraging new energy to flow & by making you work on challenging the negatives. The Yin ( feminine ) & Yang (masculine) aspects of a relationship need to be nurtured in any partnership, by striving to achieve balance using these basic principles you can certainly build a strong basis to approach any partnership.

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