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Recommended Psychics, Who can you trust ?

I have just had a message from a very good friend of mine saying that she has been approached by a certain Psychic offering free readings. I did a simple Google search and found that this lady was the front of an organisation who offer a free reading & then go on to offer to help ‘remove curses & bad luck etc’ in return for increasing sums of money.

Reputable Psychics are regulated in this country, this isn’t the case however everywhere.

So how do you go about choosing the right psychic? Whether you are trying to choose between online, telephone psychics, tarot card reading over the phone or psychics you’ll be meeting in person, the tips below will all be helpful in finding a good psychic counsellor or intuitive.

Things to Avoid

  • Psychics who approach you – This is primary a problem online. For example, you should avoid psychics who send out email solicitations asking for money.
  • Fear and intimidation – Watch out for psychics who try to imply that bad things will happen to you if you don’t continue to consult them, pay them money or who warn about a curse.
  • A bad “gut” feeling – Feelings aren’t always the most reliable guides particularly in stressful situations. You’ve probably seen people taken in by charlatans they trust absolutely. However, the sense that something is “off” is nearly always a sign that your instincts are picking up on something your conscious mind has not yet noticed, and you should heed those feelings.

Things to Look For

  • Recommendations – Recommendations from friends are best. If your friends can’t name a recommended psychic, though, you may be able to get the names of a few clients from a reputable website as this is a requirement & can indicate an honest operation. If a psychic is unwilling to share these however, it’s not always a bad sign. This type of work requires a high degree of confidentiality. But if you can speak to a few clients, ask them how they felt about the fee and the reading.
  • Willingness to share “bad” news – It’s good to get as positive a spin as possible on things, but psychics who will not tell you that a relationship may be rocky or that you are on a wrong path are not very useful. Look for psychics who are able to be measured but honest.
  • A legitimate business – There’s nothing wrong with psychics taking money for their services any more than it is for a teacher, a doctor, a social worker, therapist or anyone else who helps the public; everyone has to earn a livelihood. In fact, signs that a psychic runs an efficient business with things like advertising and contact details are actually a good sign.

It’s worth keeping in mind that a psychic who approaches you may also have plenty of ability, but ability alone is not enough. A recommended psychic is best, but there are other many other ways to ensure a good choice & the best is to trust your gut feeling & search out reviews.

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