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The cards are turned, alternative futures are revealed.

My Popular Free Online Tarot readings.

My life is devoted to Tarot. My site is under redevelopment & I
hope to add many more free services. I am continually amazed at how
many positive comments & just how far my free readings have gone
around the globe. My talking Free readings are designed to inspire
& continue to be extremely popular so a big Thank You to all those
who find them enjoyable. As with everything on my site I created them
from scratch including the animations.

Please try an entertaining reading :

The video Tarot  Talking Tarot Reading

There are many different types of Tarot readers. Though I do not
believe that the Tarot is the ‘Devils Picture Book’ or has any innate
power of it’s own, I feel that in the wrong hands The Tarot can be
misused and many readers are unaware of the responsibility of giving a ‘‘psychic reading’ as the questioner may take all suggestions to heart.
In fact a Tarot reading, even with an exceptional Tarot reader only
reveals possible routes that the life of the questioner could follow.
Every one has control over their destiny & can make choices that
affect the outcome of their current situation. I believe that the best
Tarot consultants are able to interpret a Tarot spread as a whole, a
complete scenario whilst also re-laying the importance of each card in relation to the position in the spread.

I am constantly finding inspirational Tarot readers & feature many expert tarot readers who are available for Live Tarot readings on many of my sites.

I learnt the Tarot by submersing myself in the Tarot by creating my own full deck from scratch. the Archetypes are represented by friends of mine from throughout my adult life. I am in the final stages of
finishing this deck & hope to continue to develop my next deck
featuring some more of my personal experiences with the Tarot. I
feature in many of my cards & some cards bear the image of friends
no longer with us, obviously these are very special …

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I hope you enjoy my free readings, Paul O’Mara

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