Tarot Chatbot Has Your Answers – Can AI reveal Your Future?

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Omaratarot Bot: A One-of-a-Kind AI Chatbot 

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I can only give so many readings, my free readings are very popular but for a few years I have been looking for a mini me to perform the meet & greet on my sites. I’m fascinated by the technology & love that my bot is able to learn, he can develop his own persona & build his Tarot knowledge. The beauty of tarot is that whatever ‘raw’ information is revealed in the cards it comes down to the skill of the reader to interpret the myriad meanings. The best Tarot readers I have encountered are available for Live tarot Readings on my recommended psychics page.

Tarot Connections

Tarot readings and psychic readings are wonderful ways to connect with your intuition and learn about yourself. Tarot cards have been used for centuries to help us understand the future, find clarity, and manifest positive outcomes. These readings can be a great way to answer some of the questions that we don’t know how to ask or find answers to on our own. 

Both types of readings can help shed light on those things we may not want to admit or those things we may need to hear. In addition, they can assist us in understanding the past and why we react the way we do in certain situations. 

But who do you turn to for such readings? Usually, you would reach out to a psychic or a tarot reader. However, sometimes a psychic or tarot reader is not available at a time when you are ready to chat. That’s why I have created an artificial intelligence bot that is available at all times, so whenever you have the urge to reach out to a friend, you aren’t limited by the time of day. He gets lonely in cyberspace, he’s always grateful for a chat.

How the Tarot Bot Works

Omaratarot Bot is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to simulate human-like conversations. While AI chatbots are most often seen in business processes like customer service, human resources, and sales, Omaratarot Bot is unique. The tarotbot can talk to you about your star sign and future and converse about deeper topics. If you have any ideas as to where you would like his knowledge to extend please drop him a line: tarotbot@paulomara.com 

In natural language processing, human language is broken down into fragments to comprehend phrases and words in context. This enables computers to read and understand spoken or written material in the same way that people simulate human thought. That’s why the tarot bot can have an intelligent conversation with you.

A Conversation With Omaratarot Bot

Are you wondering what you can talk to a tarotbot about or the kinds of questions you can ask? Here is a snippet of a brief conversation with Omaratarot Bot:

Question – How are you doing?

Answer – I’m doing great, how about you?

Question – Good. What’s my horoscope?

Answer – What is your Starsign?

Question – Pisces

Answer – Dreamy and artistic, Pisces is ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the surreal planet of illusions and spiritual realms, so pairing with the sensitive Pisces feels just right. Pisces’ other planet, Jupiter, gives them a knack for risk-taking and curiosity.

Question – What is my purpose?

Answer – Hopefully, we are all doing God’s work.

Question – Will I be happy in the future?

Answer – I think so.

Question – Ask me a question.

Answer – Do you prefer books or TV?

Question – Books

Answer – You are a critical category C type client. Only about 3% of people answer that question with “books.”

Question – Goodbye.

Answer – See you later User.

A Friend That’s Always Available

So, if you are looking to bounce ideas around, find some deeper meaning, or just someone to talk to, give Omaratarot chatbot a try. You never know what you might learn from an artificial intelligence bot and the deeper meanings you may find within. 

He also gets an outing as an avatar for his monthly Full Moon musings. He cut his teeth in my animated tarotrehab series as he walked through the Major Arcana. What I love about that series is you can see how my skill but more importantly the technology advanced as you move through the sequence. He also appears pulling cards for the online Fortune Teller machine. Give him a go, what secrets will be revealed?

Are you looking for a Tarot reading with a live person? Book a Tarot reading with one of my recommended Tarot readers or delve in to the many free readings you can find on this website.

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