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What is Your Purpose? Who must you fearlessly become?

What is your divine purpose? Why is the world a better place for having you in it? If money was no option & you could spend your days in pursuit of one thing, what would that be?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves when we are asking what our true purpose is. Many readings that I have given recently focus on the dissatisfaction that so many people are feeling at the moment. “I just feel that I am freewheeling with no true direction or purpose”, “One week blends in to the next, am I here just to pay my rent”, “I have been on SO many dates recently, none of them have even come close to making me think that I am even close to finding ‘the one’”.

The above are genuine statements that people have made to me recently. I really believe that there is a universal shift occurring that is forcing everyone to truly question their existence. If how you earn your living is becoming unbearable, every day is becoming a chore & you are living purely for the weekend, you owe yourself to shake things up & strive to connect to your soul purpose & begin to live the satisfying, fulfilling existence you know you deserve. For independent advice from one of my expert psychic readers many different inspiring psychic readings are available across these pages. Sometimes another point of view is the catalyst you need to reignite your enthusiasm.

What are your unique gifts & super powers? What is it that makes you happy, & ultimately makes those around you happy? I have known from a very early age that Tarot is my destiny. That I am here to give readings that inspire people to see differently & break out of self limiting patterns of belief. I also know that I am extremely gifted in the graphic arena, without sounding big headed those talents were my career for many years & gave me a good living. Now I have realised that I can combine my visual skills with my Tarot calling & my interest in social media which is why I express myself visually through the medium of instagram among other channels. I love the fact that I can create something & it can take on a life of it’s own around the globe. I love the fact that social is so instantaneous. It fascinates me that my insta journey has grown & developed & continues to evolve as a conduit for my Tarot deck & the free Tarot readings embedded on my own site. Every day I am inspired by the visual imagery that flows through my social channels & even as I tap this I am inspired to develop more & expand in to ever more exciting channels. If you want to connect to me on social look for the buttons on my site, I am most active on Instagram, you can find me here #tarot on instagram

Who must you fearlessly become?

Who have you been when you have been at your best? Think back now to a time when you were genuinely ‘in the flow’, feeling creative & just doing or creating something simply because it made you happy or made you feel fulfilled. What was that, how can you return to that joyful state that simply made you happy to be alive. The secret to life is if you can take that state of joyous creation & mould it to become the way you make your living, you have truly cracked it, you will never feel like you are simply doing a job for the sake of it.

Who must you fearlessly become? Deep down your soul knows the person you are destined to be. You have all the skills necessary, what is it that is holding you back? A telephone Tarot reading with a top psychic can reveal paths you haven’t yet discovered, alternative realities that may unveil a new direction the could change everything. Or confirm something you have known all along making your choice much easier.

When I am giving a reading for someone who feels that their life has lost direction, that they have lost their reason for being, I like to take them on a journey through the Major Arcana. Each card has many meanings but in regards to this question there is generally one meaning that is relevant, that can be focused on to unlock the direction & potential that is missing in the questioners life.

I intend to start a series on each Major Arcana that reveals which of the secrets can help someone who is struggling to find their true direction, so please check back.

For now you can take a wander along the Royal Road of Tarot by visiting my Tarot pages, focus on the Majors. Each Major Arcana Tarot or greater Secret has a life changing power, Your divine purpose is in there. Focus now & discover Your destiny, what are you waiting for?

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