3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life

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3 Ways to Make Room for Your Spiritual Life

Many people struggle with “spirituality”, working on all aspects of their personalities to improve themselves, to become the best “them” that they can possibly be. Right now Astrologically the power of the Sun combines with the focused outlook brought by Saturn, making it remarkably easy for you to achieve a breakthrough. This combination won’t appear again for another year. That means, now is the time for you to manifest your desires right now & with ease. This week is the time for you to become fully aware of your potential and pull your dreams in to your reality.
The Sun and Saturn combined means that on a subconscious level you now what needs to be done to change aspects of your life for the better. Before you can make this incredible leap, honestly review where you are, look at your current situation and decide where you are headed. Focus on the spiritual side of your life whatever that means to you and you cannot help but manifest powerful changes in your physical, or ‘real’ life …

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Your spiritual life is something that is apart from your physical life. This part of your life includes your intuition, your feelings of being connected to something larger than you, and your awareness of the outside world. For some people this might involve religious beliefs but for others it may simply mean a feeling of something else existing in the world around us.

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world it can often be difficult to connect with spiritual things, which is why it’s good to consider how you can make room for your spiritual life. Consider three ways anyone can do this.

1. Schedule time for spiritual things.

You can’t assume that time will simply come to you when you want to explore or enjoy the spiritual aspect of your life. Instead, you need to create a schedule and view this as an appointment, the way you would any other important part of your life. When it’s time to go to work you don’t question it but simply get up and go. When it’s time to pick up your children from school, you don’t let anything else interfere with that priority.

To make time for your spiritual life you need to do the same. Create a space for it in your schedule and give it priority. This is the only way that time will come to you. My tarot journey is my path. Every day I focus on a card & listen to what is being revealed to me. In my tarot rehab series I completed one of these for each of the Major Arcana. You can step inside each tarot card meaning video with me & watch as each symbol is unraveled. For all tarot meanings for the entire deck, please check out my tarot meanings knowledge base.

2. Listen to your spirituality.

One way to make room for spirituality is to ensure that you listen to this side of your life. As an example, if you have a certain intuition that your ancestors are guiding you in a certain decision or feel as if you’re drawn to a certain work or even a certain location, this may be your spirituality talking to you. My telephone tarot readings are a good way to explore any flashes of intuition with the guidance of an experienced psychic. If you don’t listen to this intuition you may lose out on that part of your life and are not making room for it. Tune into these things and ensure that you listen when you hear these things inside of you.

3. Ask for guidance.

One reason that many don’t have room for their spiritual life is that they need guidance on how to find their spirituality and on how to listen to that side of their life. There is nothing wrong with asking for guidance from an expert so you can discover the spiritual side of you and in turn, learn its value and learn how to make room for it in your life.

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