Use the Power of the Sun to Visualise Abundance

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Psychic Sun Power for Abundance
Use the Psychic Power of the Sun to manifest abundance 

Every planet and star- including the Sun- has its own unique significance. The locations of the planets and stars directly affect our behavior and personality, but they all do so in different ways. The sun is our primary source of light and warmth, but its spiritual powers go much deeper. In many doctrines, the Sun is representative of life, self, health and well-being. It is also what gives us strength and energy to accomplish both our major life goals and our small daily tasks. Without the Sun, we would be weak physically, mentally and emotionally; its power should never be underestimated. If you can learn to harvest the power of the Sun, you will have control over both your individual self and your well-being.

The power of the Sun can help in several areas of our lives. Aside from being necessary for physical life, it can help us connect with our spiritual selves and manifest what we want out of life. There is usually a positive feeling associated with the word “abundance.” Abundance quite literally means “a very large quantity of something.” Can you think of something that you think you would like to have an abundance of? Is it money? Happiness? Friends? Love? There are so many things that we can benefit from having an abundance of- and when we have an abundance of something, it also means that we have more to give. By connecting with the Sun, visualising its every beam manifesting our desires, we can use its power to visualise abundance.

Visualisation is a powerful tool used in several practices from meditation and yoga to astrology. Essentially, visualisation enables a direct line of communication between your desires and your subconscious mind. When you picture your desires clearly and with intent, your subconscious mind understands that you want to recreate these desires in your real life and it will manifest them into reality. The power of the Sun can enhance the strength of your visualisation. Here’s how to use the power of the sun to visualise abundance: first, find a place to lay down outside that is in direct sunlight. It’s best to do this on a day when the Sun is particularly warm. Lay down with your back to the ground and arms at your sides, palms facing up towards the Sun. Now go into a period of deep meditation- take deep breaths in and out of your nose and with each breath, think about how the Sun makes you feel. Feel its warmth on your skin and the power that it has. Now, picture whatever it is that you would like to have an abundance of. Imagine that it is a battery and the sun is the energy source. Continue meditating with this image in your mind. Visualise the Sun powering the energy of abundance.

When you connect to the power of the Sun, it can work wonders in every area of your life. However, the power of the Sun can also help bring specific requests into existence- such as the request for abundance. Visit my Tarot pages for more details on the imagery of The Sun Card in Tarot. For a powerful Psychic reading, visit my Selected Best Psychics & Clairvoyants.

If you can, be the sunbeam to someones darkness today, tell someone you love them, be a ray of light.

In a psychic tarot phone reading The Sun card symbolises luminous joy, blessings materialise.Your inner child now comes out to play. Enjoy yourself & revel in your individuality, break free from conformity.

Tarot affirmation

“Understand the power of the rays combine with all in nature to create your reality. You are a divine being, let your light illuminate your world”

Remember every time the power of the Sun touches your skin, imagine your abundance battery being charged. I hope you manifest everything you could possibly wish for.

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