What is Your reality?

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What is reality? A quick google reveals: ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. “he refuses to face reality”

When you give readings you are focusing on a snapshot of time, of myriad possibilities that could arrive. You are there to enthuse & inspire. It is a great responsibility.
Your words can set someone free or they can scare. It should also be a magical unforgettable experience. The sitter should leave feeling optimistic & fired up for the future.

A tarot reading can touch someone’s soul. It is a dance between two spirits. If you give readings you have to be very careful as words have great power, can linger & be reinterpreted by the sitter later through their own lens on reality. When you interact with a sitter you may be forging a new dimension of communication with that person who may be opening up in a way they never have before… This time of year after the excitement & promise of the new year can throw up some dark shadows. I hope you are feeling strong & ready 🙂

Look inside

Meditation has proven to be the greatest help when I am questioning my reality or deciding on my next path. I use hypnosis a lot but meditation is the fast track to self discovery.

The video on my video chant with music can be used to focus, calm fears & clear your mind. It represents one of my inner journeys, cliche I know, though the monk is one of the personas from an old hypnosis I used to listen to endlessly, he’s stuck around. 

I’ve always been fascinated with meditation, diving in to the pools of my subconscious, leaving the trials of reality behind, so repetitive, so exhausting. Meditation allows us to leave the noise, the myriad distractions, slip away in to the silence.

You don’t kneed to be a blissed out yogi or a buddhist monk to find inner peace. You’ve probably experienced nirvana yourself, on a sun lounger listening to a favourite playlist

When I properly started meditating this is how I saw myself. I’m a proper Aries, if I’m doing something I’m going full on deep dive. An Indian friend of mine said he felt like he was at his aunties flat. It was incense, Buddhas & Ganesh every where. 

I was really lucky to sit with monks in Sri Lanka. They were great, you don’t have to be diol to be spiritual. I joined several meditation groups & classes, always chasing the ‘perfect’ mantra, instant karma. 

Slowly I realised that my idea of meditation was quite limiting. I made friends with hypnotherapists who took me deeper on journeys to the edge of my subconscious.

Shamanic journeying was next, one of my faves, I often dive through the vortex, see which spirit animals or teachers are waiting to escort me through the underworld.

Buddha regularly appears to people in a dream which often leads to an interest in chanting. That is why I have used the OM symbol as a focus.

You can use any symbol as a focus in your mind, focus on the breathing, allow any sounds to send you deeper in to a fantastic daydream. Keep a meditation diary, if anything confuses you a session with a psychic professional could give you perspective & help you understand what the universe is revealing to you.

 Seeing Buddha in your dream, symbolises : wisdom, insight, compassion, and inner spirituality. When your mind is whirring, at your desk, on the tube, wherever the myriad distractions of daily life become a distraction, try repeating NAMYOHORENGEKYO or OMMANIPADMEHUM or both! In your mind, you might be amazed at the results.

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