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Take control of your life with the wisdom of Tarot

Social media – Fake News?, it feels more & more that we are struggling to be ‘on’ & know everything, be everywhere 24/7. I think this is actually making people feel more isolated & disconnected from their reality. Only today I saw someone have a very real & very loud public breakdown on a train in central London. There were 2 reactions to this poor person reaching the end of their tether, the first was people trying to act like nothing was happening, burying themselves deeper in their own alienated world of headphones, newspapers & mobile swiping. Even more alarming were the other individuals who started videoing the poor person who was having a breakdown. Admittedly the individual was very vocal & confrontational, but I didn’t see anyone actually try & help or try & inform someone who possibly could. I couldn’t as it was my stop & god forbid I miss that for the sake of trying to help someone in obvious distress. I berated myself after, perhaps I should have at least tried to engage the person?, although with all the ‘horror stories’ maybe it is indeed best to turn up your headphones & pretend that nothing is happening.

Out of Control?

The loneliness & anger that is tangible even in central London seems to be fuelled by our fast paced society, by feeling out of control. That unbelievable decisions are being made over which we as individuals have no influence.

I truly believe that it is becoming more difficult for us to affect outcomes & that people are suffering crippling insecurity as a result. The only power we really have is how we react to the unfolding events around us, our emotional response to the world as we experience it is the only aspect truly under our control.

Tarot Answers

I know I am extremely fortunate as all of my life I have had the Tarot as my benchmark, as my touchpoint for all my experience. The universe seems to be hurtling ever faster, changing at an alarming rate. Signals coming at us from literally all directions, bombarding our senses. Someone I was reading for actually said to me the other day that they were disappointed in themselves as they had not been able to keep up with their friends Instagram stories. I had to process that for a minute, they were disappointed because they hadn’t been able to keep up with their ‘friends’ heavily filtered & curated versions of their lives. I felt quite saddened, when was the last time they actually connected with any of these friends outside of the lenses of social media I wondered.

Without sounding like an old fool, when I was young the world was genuinely a much slower place. Change took time & was a gentle progression. Now change is instantaneous & brutal, requiring instant reactions & endless comments on social media. Some people are genuinely overwhelmed & this adrenaline rush is inevitably leading people to seek answers as to how they can regain control.

I believe this is why Tarot is having a resurgence as a belief system. The 78 mirrors to experience contained in the Tarot perhaps offer more accessible direction & answers to those we know through other belief systems, such as organised religion for example. I rejected organised religion as a youngster. I felt that whatever I did was going to result in some form of punishment or eternal damnation! The Tarot may present you with occasional scary concepts, Death, The Devil, The Ten of Swords, though usually by embracing these lessons & agreeing to work through them you can understand life’s challenges & reprogram your responses, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling existence.

Powerful Technology

As a tarot reader I believe the cards are the most powerful technology of untold possibilities. Every day I can wander through my deck & come out revitalised & ready to take on the challenges of my world & the larger questions our society is facing on a daily basis.

I am lucky to have found my answers. Many are not so fortunate & have a continuous feeling of being out of control, overwhelmed with insecurity about how their future will develop, what they can do to handle their circumstance & ultimately change their destiny.

The Answers are Within

When searching for a psychic reading near me, remember a good psychic can only help us accept that our answers truly lie within, we should only try & control the very small parts over which we genuinely have control.

Tarot can provide the window that enables us to regain that control. By immersing ourselves in the 78 keys of the Tarot we can begin to understand & regain control of our destiny. Remember you can connect to one of my professional Psychics or Clairvoyants for Your Unique Psychic Reading by telephone or text, what does the future hold? Find out now with a live reading.

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