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Tarot Synchronicity

What a weekend. An amazing time of incredible storms & powerful energies. The atmosphere was indeed electric, big hitters of the Tarot coming through in many readings to instigate serious shifts & cathartic conversations. Judgement, The Ten of Swords, The Lovers & of course the Tower struck by lightning. My brief was ‘Give it to us straight, no tall dark strangers or vague karma’. I loved it, showed up suited & booted. I love giving readings that shake things up & make people see potential from a different perspective. Lots of Moon cards for some added lunar lunacy. All in all I am one happy Cartomancer.

Wow, That Card is So Bang On!

The reason Tarot works is that it is a distilled microcosm of any and all life experiences. This combined with the beautiful dance that occurs between an open questioner & a skilled reader often leads to incredible synchronicities. When the reader sees their situation laid before them across the coloured pasteboards of the Tarot, the alternative possible paths offered by the reader seem enticing, like teasers in a delirious summer dream.

Were the cards wrong?

Though I have walked the Royal Road of Tarot for more than 40 years, sometimes real life throws me a curveball that makes me re-assess & investigate a constellation of cards that seemed a foregone conclusion, yet turn out to lead to a different manifestation of events in the lives of the sitters.

Last year I gave an ‘open & shut case’ reading for a young lady. Textbook Major Arcana fest that started with the High Priestess & developing wisdom & feminine intuition. Through the Two of Cups & ultimately the Lovers & every other union card in a positive position in the spread that laid a beautiful relationship aead of us on the table in the tropics where we had enjoyed a beautiful afternoon. Imagine my surprise when I heard through the grapevine that these young Lovers are having a wobble & even thinking of going their separate ways. I was gobsmacked, were my impressions wrong? had someone slipped some duff cards in to my deck like James Bond to Solitaire in Live & Let Die?

What had happened to these to young Lovers was simply called ‘life’. Obviously as the all seeing ego driven important oracle that I am I was shaken up by the news, I had to accept that it had absolutely nothing to do with me. I went over the fragments of the reading in my head, I had given the necessary disclaimers around the reading & I was comfortable that the young lady had gone away thoughtful though not in any way reliant or shaken up by her cards.

As readers that is all we can hope for, that our wisdom & experience offers alternative life choices in an entertaining & empowering way. Ultimately the choices are down to the questioner, exactly as it should be.

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