The Sign of Aries corresponds in Tarot to the Emperor

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The sign of Aries & The Emperor

Unsurprisingly throughout March & April I have given many Birthday readings. Also my Free Birthday Tarot reading has seen a jump in popularity. 2012 is a great year & especially for those born under the sign of Aries ( such as myself ). I know that 2012 is going to shake many Aries out of their comfort zone & enable them to move closer toward their authentic existence. Never very good with boredom, those Aries that find themselves in an un-fulfilling career or any form of relationship will begin to get itchy feet & feel that it is really time to embrace any opportunity that comes their way. If you are an Aries think carefully of where you want this year to lead you, and then start making plans to materialise those changes.

Aries in Tarot

The Sign of Aries is embodied in the Emperor of Tarot – Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty.  The crowned Emperor sits on his marbled cubic throne featuring ram’s head carvings, symbolising Aries. The Emperor Tarot card corresponds to Opportunity, Action, Leadership, Ego & Independence.

In a phone tarot card reading The Emperor shows issues around authority, indicates someone challenging the boundaries. Subconsciously he can make you swing between feeling invincible or inadequate. He is the posterboy for self belief, you are always good enough. develop an affirmation that fuels your confidence. now is time to take the lead. An invitation to a get together that initially makes you feel like an outsider should be accepted. Allow your personal will power to shine, what is it that you were brought here to achieve? You have a standard persona that you adopt, a mask you hide behind, the layers of protection you have so carefully crafted.

Time to forget who you think everyone wants you to be. Be brave time to reveal your true identity. In an online tarot treading The Emperor can indicate a connection with Europe, a forgotten connection in a shared digital image transport you to time that rekindles forgotten areas of your life. Youthful confidence returns, an encounter with authority or an official communication. You have as much right as anyone that ever lived to manifest everything you desire, dodge the emotional vampires, learn to move away from drama. The power of Aries fires the Emperor, he is a warrior & will never tire of having fun on the path to reaching his goal. The memory of a teacher brings nostalgia, that inner child is proud of who you have become.

About Aries

Aries the Ram (March 21 to April 20) is called the first sign of the Zodiac. Obviously in the West we think of the beginning of the year as January, because that’s the start of the new calendar year. This however is the Zodiac year, and is governed by matters more celestial than the progression of dates!. March 21 is the Spring equinox, which signifies the beginning of the Zodiac year. And when you think about it, this makes sense. Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth, when the Earth wakes from Winter.

If you are born under Aries, you can tend to have the same traits as a young ram. Enthusiastic, adventurous, forthright and energetic. You can typically be courageous and confident. You could be a little impulsive though, right. Maybe something of a daredevil. Where would the world be though, without daredevils, willing to strike out and do something completely different ?. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous Aries in history. Other famous Arians, such as Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Francis Ford Coppola and Marlon Brando. None of them afraid to break new ground; all of them changed their world or their chosen fields quite dramatically.

People born under the Aries sign tend to be passionate lovers and intense friends. They risk driving people away with their intensity & forthright attitude, they need partners that can match them without fuelling the fire and creating explosive situations. In my experience the perfect astrological partner for an Aries is Libra ( as is mine ! ), You can find more Astrological compatibility on my Chinese Astrology page.

Arians are creative & driven, they love to explorer all the options life has to offer. This isn’t to say that people born under the sign of the Ram are all action, though. They have a softer, lamb-like side as well and if you’re an Aries, make sure you draw on this side of yourself as well when dealing with other people. Aries may struggle in certain careers, because they are an idea person and the person to get things started rather than finish them up, many unfinished projects tend to follow an Aries !. Aries should surround themselves with people who can enhance their traits and they are certain to succeed.

The Aries Personality

Aries is the first symbol of the Zodiac, the Ram. This sign covers the Equinox, March 21st, and the beginning of Spring. And Spring–with it’s energy of rebirth, as winter ends and flowers bloom, is the perfect example of energetic and freedom-loving Aries.
Aries people are headstrong, like Aries the Ram, and fiery like their planet, Mars. They go after what they want. With their confidence and spirit, they make natural pioneers, and unstoppable enemies in any struggle.

People born under Aries are confident, intelligent, and enthusiastic. They are driven to excel and achieve, and like nothing better than to gather and inspire a team to follow them on their quest. They look forward, and don’t dwell on the past.††They are also†one of the most extroverted of all the signs.
On the negative side, Aries must be careful of their weaknesses, selfishness, impatience, impulsiveness. Aries will fight for what he believes in, but he will also fight to be “the alpha male,” the leader of the pack. They also tend to get caught up in starting projects without finishing them. Never expect patience, tact, or diplomacy from an Aries, and be careful of their quick temper. They can get so caught up in the quest that they don’t realise the foolhardy mistakes they’re about to make.
Aries make excellent entrepreneurs; it’s a natural talent for someone with such a strong focus on initiative and leadership. They thrive on challenges and love to excel and win. They don’t react well when forced to wait, and can have trouble accepting advice.
Aries is the first sign, the one that leads the Zodiac, and like their sign, those born Aries like to lead as well. They would never be content leaving their adventurous quest for a quiet and dull desk job.

People of the Element of Fire

Fire is both destructive and nourishing. On a cold winter day, there is nothing more calming to the soul than curling up by a roaring fire with a good book or cherished love one. On the other side, there is no other force on earth more destructive than a raging, out of control fire. Fire nourishes the human body by providing us heat to cook our food and light with which to see. And, there is nothing more painful than having a part of your body taken by fire or flame.

Fire signs draw attention to themselves.  Those under the influence of Fire have charm and charge on their side.  They have an infectious enthusiasm that makes them natural leaders, so people just can’t help but to follow them.

They take the role of leader seriously, and do it well. For fire people, managing others comes naturally. They are decisive, compassionate, understanding yet firm.

Fire people make excellent entrepreneurs. They possess the determination, drive and plain stubbornness needed to make a new endeavour thrive in today’s tough business world.

Fire people have an innate ability to see through all of the confusing distractions right to heart of the matter. And, they possess the strength and determination to successfully navigate themselves and their team through any and all obstacles. What they can not finesse around, they will burn though.

Those born to the fire element tend to be restless. They need excitement and novelty to be happy. While they are leaders, they find relationships difficult because fire often lacks the stability needed to sustain close relationships.

Fire rules the circulatory system and the heart, making these top areas of concern. Fire people should take special care to maintain these systems. Carve out time for exercise and meditation each day and pay attention to diet. Fire people tend to hold their stress and so it is important to engage in recreational activities the person finds relaxing.

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