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What is in store for the year ahead



Your Present Position in the World

Five of Swords

Accept your limitations & then exceed them !. Someone in your life is trying to take control. Move slowly now & look to play the long game.

Your Goals for the Next Year

Two of Swords

Indecision abounds, face your fears. You feel frozen in time, are at a crossroads. The situation is balanced make careful choices.

That Which Empowers You

Temperance Reversed

You will need to adapt to new but exciting circumstances. You will need to be accommodating & show respect in an approaching situation, choose your words carefully.

Powers You Need to Develop

Death Reversed

You are experiencing a total transformation. Now is the time to start over; change everything. Something is not working, let it go & move on.

Your Present Material Self

Four of Swords

You need to identify when you are stressed, act accordingly. Rest and exercise are a must now. Retreat in to yourself, think positively. Right now a major tension in your life is fading away.

Your Present Emotional State

Ace of Wands

A new project burns brightly, inspiration grips you. Renew your enthusiasm for life. A family garden with an archway has significance.

Your Present Spiritual Self

The Lovers

The lovers can signal the beginning of a romance, a harmless, flirtation or indeed a powerful though significant platonic friendship.

That Which Opposes You

Ace of Pentacles Reversed

After a false start be sure to give full credit. A situation has become larger in your mind than reality. A shower of white energy from this card clears negativity

What You Need to Do to Realize Your Goals

Eight of Swords Reversed

You have hemmed yourself in. You feel trapped but only you can decide to release yourself. Things are not as bad as first expected.