The Zodiac sign Leo & The Tarot Card Strength

strength tarot meaning

Tarot – Strength …

Daughter of the Flaming Sword, Leader of the Lion…

Meaning in a Tarot reading :
Power, Energy, Action, Control


Leos (July 23 to August 22) are the big cats of the zodiac. They are caring, generous and imaginative, faithful and committed. They can be territorial and domineering. In Greek mythology, Leo was the lion that was slain by Hercules as the first of his 12 chores. Leos are spontaneous and fearless. The king of beasts, they like to be in control and inevitably make good leaders. Leos are great strategists, intelligent they can be philosophical & love to follow a plan.

The Age of Leo in the astrological Great Year was between 10750 and 8600 BCE. It was characterised by the Stone Age, and the first towns (Jericho).

A group of lions is called a pride, and this characteristic can occasionally mean that the proud Leo is too concerned over losing face. Leos are disciplined and are generally in complete control of their personality.

Leos are warm-hearted and trusting partners, though beware if this trust is crossed. They have a strong sex drive and this can make monogamy a challenge for the dominant Leo.

Leos like to be in the middle of the action and have highly developed egos. Leo can be resentful, even petulant if they’re not the centre of attention. Leos occasionally need to understand that less is more and that they attract enough attention without chasing after it.
Unsurprisingly there are many, many Leos in the arts and film industry. Famously for example Andy Warhol and Neil Armstrong, Roman Polanski and Robert DeNiro.

Which signs are the best and worst matches for the Leo ?. Surprisingly, the best match is Aries, although you would think two headstrong signs like these would clash. It is their strong character and passion that makes them a good pair. The worst sign for Leo is a Virgo. Leos tend to be a little more dominating than is good for a Virgo.

Leo Mythology

Leo owe their existence, and their demise, to the renowned Olympian hero, Hercules.
Hercules was charged with killing the terrifying and huge beast that was the Nemean Lion. None of Hercules’ weapons could penetrate the lion’s skin, so he was finally forced to wrestle it to the ground and strangle it with his bare hands, in an incredible show of Strength. This is obviously echoed in the control that is traditionally shown over the Lion in the Strength Tarot card.

The astrology sign of Leo

The lion is king of the jungle, therefore Leo is the king of the Zodiac.  Leo is a fire sign, falling right in the hottest part of the summer at the centre of the year, this corresponds to the trait that Leo always loves to be the centre of attention.

Leo is a born leader, easygoing and optimistic. They tend to face challenges as a lion approaches the hunt, spotting his prey, stalking, and eventually pouncing.  Leos tend to be laser focused on their goals and desires.

Leo can be generous, with a heart the size of a lion. They love to share.  They can be the life of any social gathering, always prepared to break the ice or create a party atmosphere.

Leos like to make a grand gesture, with special attention to their appearance and material possessions like cars.  Leos crave attention, and the things they own usually reflect this.

Leos can occasionally appear standoffish, or even arrogant. Natural leaders, Leos can sometimes expect those around them to perform all of the mundane tasks that they feel are beneath them. From a young age Leos expect to take the lead, and will vigorously fight for that position when challenged. Leos live by a well rehearsed routine & are resilient to change, as the leader they can occasionally get caught up in the details & are perfectionists that expect the best.

In the workplace all of these traits contribute to the career of a Leo.  Ambition makes it hard for them to follow a career path, they expect to be able to jump several rungs of the career ladder at once. Leos impatience to take the lead can often see Leo motivated to set up their own business.

Leo loves to be in front of people. They can have a highly developed sense of fun and enjoy performing or presenting in any form.

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The sign of Leo corresponds to the Tarot card Strength

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