Get ready to be loved, 3 ways to attract your perfect partner


3 Ways to Open Your Life Up to Receiving Love

While many people feel that they don’t have enough love in their life and talk about being ready for a relationship, in truth they may actually be less receptive to this type of emotional wellness than they know. Many people overlook the opportunity for positive energy to flow through their heart and through their life, and because of this they find that it simply passes them by. A tarot love reading can reveal your life path with particular focus on any romantic adventures that may be on the horizon.

If you’re feel that you’re not receiving the love in your heart that you want and deserve, consider a few ways to open up your life. These tips can help you ensure that you’re ready for this and will do everything you can to welcome and nurture this positivity.

1. Clear out the past.

Perhaps one reason that something new has not entered your life is because your past is blocking it out. This might be hurt from a past relationship, negative energy that comes from mementos of your past, or expectations you bring to others based on what you experienced in the past.

If there is anything from your past that is keeping you from welcoming something new, you need to block this out and get rid of it. A psychic reading by phone with one of my trusted psychics can reveal the romantic energy around you & reveal new directions. You cannot expect new, positive energy to enter your life when old energy is still in the way.

2. Listen to your inner voice.

If your intuition is telling you that you can find a new relationship somewhere or with someone, listen to that voice. Don’t shut it out or tell yourself that it’s impossible. As an example, you might feel drawn to a certain group of friends or to certain volunteer work, and feel that these appeal to your heart more than to your head. This can be your intuition telling you that love is waiting for you there! Listen to your intuition and your inner voice and this can help to open your heart to new possibilities. You can always speak to one of my top love psychics by phone or text for pointers on how you can improve your love potential & move closer to finding your perfect life partner.

3. Be someone that others will want to be with.

Rather than always worrying about finding the right person for you, think about how you can be the right person for someone else! This works with the laws of attraction; if you want to receive love you need to send it out in the universe. Be a person that others will be drawn to, that is, someone who is kind and considerate but bold and adventurous, and you may be surprised at the opportunities the universe brings you!

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