Tarot, The Emperor – The Fiery Mind

The Emperor - Aries - The Fiery Mind
The crowned Emperor sits on his marbled cubic throne featuring ram’s head carvings, symbolising Aries …

Emperor Detailed Tarot Meaning

His power is overwhelming. The ram of Aries. The orb and the ankh reinforcing his authority. His voice permeated my mind “I am the ultimate power of four. The YOD HE VAU HE . The four suits, the four seasons. I am earth air, fire and water.  I tried to hold his gaze though ultimately his power was too strong. His voice penetrated my mind “Understand me and there are no mysteries left to discover. Man up and heed my words”. White light and burning heat engulfed me. When my consciousness returned he was gone. Though his energy, of course, was everywhere.
When the Emperor appears you must release all self-doubt and take total control.  Any contractual agreements must be faced.  You need to be strong and assert authority, even if this is alien to you. You can now be a true leader. Take charge. Be completely in the moment. Firm but fair. Most importantly be assertive, this is indeed your chance to shine.

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