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Horoscopes – Are you a match ?

One of the major reasons people check their horoscopes & Astrology is partnership compatibility.  Surely if, as some people believe, our personality is clearly laid out by our astrological sign, then it should be pretty easy to tell whether or not that person is going to be compatible. A free love tarot reading is a good place to start when you are considering a romantic partnership.

It’s not always as simple as checking your zodiac chart of course.  Other factors in our charts can influence those basic rules, or even counter them entirely.  Just because a person falls within a sign does not mean they’re going to be typical of the sign, or a perfect match for the general depiction of that sign.    Still, it’s fun and interesting to check for compatibility through a horoscope. You can use Western Astrology or you can check your Chinese Astrology compatibility to see which animal element corresponds to you & your partner. You can click here to check your Chinese Horoscope compatibility.

As a general rule, your ‘ideal match’ is likely to be at the opposite side of the Zodiac from you.  That is, Aries with Libra ( my partnership match & yes works for me !, Taurus with Scorpio, Cancer with Capricorn, Leo with Aquarius, Virgo with Pisces, Sagittarius with Gemini.  Those signs opposing each other across the Zodiac tend to harmonise & complement each other, supporting each others strengths and countering each others weaknesses’ provided, of course, that the personality differences are considered & considered. A psychic reading by phone with a recommended psychic can give you clarity on if a suitor is compatible with you.

As an example, Cancer has a very strong home / family instinct.  Cancers strive to have a strong and secure home life.  This mindset is likely to confuse several other signs, like fiery Aries or travel-inspired Sagittarius.  Capricorn, however, has a similar attitude towards home and in general, the two should get along just fine, provided, of course, the Cancer could learn to cope with the Capricorns mood swings !.

The signs that definitely do not get along are the ones that have a core difference.  Sagittarius is known for traveling, and would drive the home centred Cancer to distraction.  Detail focused and critical Virgo would grate on the nerves of self-centered and impetuos Aries.  A typically bright and cheerful Libra would probably never be able to handle a life darkened by shady, mysterious Scorpio.

Although these are generalisations, I am constantly surprised when I see a blissfully happy couple & then find out that they are Astrologically a perfect match.

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The stars can provide much insight about ourselves, including how, when, and with whom we are most likely to fall in love. Of course, astrology is not destiny, so while the one you love may not be a classic match for you in astrological terms, that doesn’t mean all is lost. A psychic reading can help you understand the universal forces that attract you to your lover, you can learn how to make any relationship work, and better understand your own self in the process.

First consider how accurate your own horoscope is. There are similarities among many of them, but find the resource that resonates with you. You can use that same resource to do a little research on your intended partner. You certainly don’t have to reject someone because they are a Water sign and you’re a Fire sign. It can certainly provide some insight into why you two clash, or why you think he’s a wet blanket sometimes.

You can really go into detail about the ideal zodiac mate for you, but it’s hard enough to find someone, isn’t it. So don’t walk away from that Water or Earth person based on Astrological differences. Use your knowledge to understand them. Maybe you need to borrow some tips from Air or Earth to help manage the communications between the two of you or to help resolve conflicts.

There are many really good books and Web pages to help you discover the details of any zodiac match. Do a little research, make it fun!.  What ís your sign can be a cliché, but if you deliver the line in the right way, it can also be really a good ice breaker. As you learn more why not try & guess their sign, always impressive if you are right !. If you’re a Virgo, and you’re introduced to, say, a Libra, tell him he’s got his work cut out for him. Everyone loves a challenge and it’s an easy way to flirt and start to get to know someone.

I hope the stars deliver much love in to your life.

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