Tarot – The Wheel of Fortune – Forever Evolving

Tarot The Wheel of Fortune – Detailed Meaning and Meditation 

Wheel of Fortune Detailed Tarot Meaning

A vision of the wheel revolved before me.  My mind raced to absorb the myriad   symbols and Kabbalistic markings. Faster now, four visions appeared from the clouds – a lion, a bull, an eagle and an angel. The sphynx rose above the wheel and the voice penetrated my mind saying “Time is not linear. The wheel turns for all eternity.  Do not repeat experience.  What have you learned so far?”
The mysterious enigmatic sphynx appears above the wheel as it spins through the vortex of time. The four evangelists appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion, and an ox,  manifesting in the four corners of the card as in The World card. The four corners of the universe. The sword and snake have masonic symbolic roots. Seen on the wheel are the letters ‘TARO’ which in turn link to the Tetragrammaton. Listen carefully, your subconscious already knows the best path for you to take. The world begins to turn for you. Your circumstances are changing. Be aware that small efforts on your part now can have a spectacular outcome.

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