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wheel of fortune
the wheel turns
Tarot The Wheel of Fortune – Detailed Meaning and Meditation 

A vision of the wheel revolved before me.  My mind raced to absorb the myriad symbols and Kabbalistic markings. Faster now, four visions appeared from the clouds – a lion, a bull, an eagle and an angel. The sphynx rose above the wheel and the voice penetrated my mind saying “Time is not linear. The wheel turns for all eternity.  Do not repeat experience.  What have you learned so far?”
The mysterious enigmatic sphynx appears above the wheel as it spins through the vortex of time. The four evangelists appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion, and an ox,  manifesting in the four corners of the card as in The World card. The four corners of the universe. The sword and snake have masonic symbolic roots. Seen on the wheel are the letters ‘TARO’ which in turn link to the Tetragrammaton. Listen carefully, your subconscious already knows the best path for you to take. If you need more information a psychic reading by phone could provide the missing pieces to reveal the next steps on your journey. The world begins to turn for you. Your circumstances are changing. Be aware that small efforts on your part now can have a spectacular outcome.

key VI

Step inside the Wheel of Fortune card with me. Check in to tarotrehab 2 minute Tarot journeys, for each key, your journey awaits. 

The Wheel turns for you, can you hear it? Creaking , metal on metal, music begins to play like a forgotten vintage fairground amusement. 

The Wheel has always been there, waiting. You are at a seminal point in your life where it is right & possible for you to focus more time on yourself, you move up to the next cycle of your existence. The momentum of the Wheel picks up, moving forward now. You may not realise yet,  you have subliminally banked ideas that are germinating on your psychic back burner.

You can create your own luck now, all you have to do is quiet that small voice that doesn’t seem to think you are worth it. Thank it for it’s advice, you don’t need that negativity in your world, tell it to come back only when it has something positive to add to the mix. Small efforts on your part now can have a spectacular outcome, start by consciously silencing any inner nay sayers & avoiding any external emotional vampires.

The wheel continuously builds itself again, the wheel of life perpetually revolves for all eternity. It holds all lessons from the universal consciousness, be ready to see in to the processes that form your reality.

Jupiter is the Lord of Fortune, this is the Wheel of Chance, though there is no bad luck. Be open to experience & the dice will begin to fall in your favour.

Release the past, really live the present moment, step in to the future with the enthusiasm of a child.

Here in the tenth portal all elements of creation collide As we crash through the vortex we realise this is the portal of all dreams, beyond time.

This mandala is the eternal spiral of creation, thoughts become things

The Angel is Aquarius, Air, Joy imagination

The Lion is Fire Leo, Courage & Passion

The Eagle is Water Scorpio, Healing, intuition

The Bull is Earth Taurus, Logic, hard work

The serpent reappears from the Lovers symbolising elemental energy manifesting in to matter.

The Sphinx asks perplexing questions, the riddle of our existence will never be completely resolved.

Kaph is the grasping hand, the moment when we finally grasp an idea, comprehend our truth our purpose.

The Taro word, The Holy name of the most high and the powerful alchemy forecast the future by analysing our past. 

The burning question is do we wish to repeat experience or interrupt the sequence to manifest the future of our dreams. People often find these pages by searching tarot card reading near me & often are looking for tarot card dream interpretation. The Wheel is perfect to discover in your dreams as it is set to turn in your favour.

Anubis is your guide, a shaman. He looks through the layers you have built up as a shield. He allows you to connect to your inner child, what questions would that child have for you? How amazed would they be at the journey you have travelled.

The wheel is the cause & the consequence that spins continuously in your mind. Only when you are completely relaxed, at the edge of consciousness can you escape the vortex. Here as we step in to infinity we become detached, we connect to our authentic self.

It’s a change in the wind, you can feel it, the Wheel has started to turn in your favour, climb on for the ride.

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