Relationship Tarot and the message of Temperance

temperance tarot meaning

Love Tarot, relationships & the message of the Temperance tarot card

In a Tarot reading regarding matters of love and relationships The Temperance  Tarot card is always welcome. The message of the angel is that in romantic relationships flexibility, respect and optimism will be needed to build a mutually happy arrangement. The Angel is a mediator so if she relates to an existing partnership then some work needs to be done to rekindle some sparkle that may have disappeared. Both sides need to be considered & you may need to step in to the other persons shoes before a path forward is revealed. If Temperance appears for someone who is looking for a relationship then she acts as a mirror, challenging us to look at ourselves, learning to love ourselves and accept who we are. Only then can we expect the universe to reveal potential partners. If we have issues around love and relationships, especially with regard to previous partnerships then these must be put in to perspective in order to proceed.

Looking for Love & our personal truth
Validation of our true identity is the message of Temperance,  when we are searching for our personal truth the Angel of Temperance tells us to adapt to our circumstance to finally reveal our destiny. The hebrew letter Samekh represents eternity and is symbolised by the snake eating it’s own tail, similar to the lemniscate in the Magician Tarot card. The energy moving between the cups is the fifth element, the life force, ether. The pool into which the angel dips her foot represents the universal consciousness which we all belong & reminds us that when we open to the message of the angel the purpose of our existence can be revealed.

In my free Tarot card readings the card translates as Expand your experience, try things beyond your normal choices, this rings true in any relationship Tarot reading as you must expand your experience in order to allow new & exciting friendships to blossom in your world.
When Temperance appears we are reminded that we must love ourself before we can allow ourselves to be loved & we should rest assured that we are loved unconditionally by the universe on our journey to self discovery.

Detailed meanings for Temperance in the Tarot

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