Re-dreaming our future – creating our destiny

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Divine your path by the light of the Sun & Moon Tarot.

Do we create our own future ?

Can we alter our own destiny?
As We are all masters of our own destiny, We can change our future influential patterns quite considerably. However, if we just keep plodding along procrastinating, outside influences will eventually take over our life. We have to put our energy out to the universe in order to draw back energy that can manifest our desires.
To make a positive change, you simply plan what you want or need to have happen to you in some future time, and imagine how you will feel when you arrive at your goals. You must write these goals down on paper or in the notes section of your phone. I make a screensaver of some of my goals, or something I am trying to absorb, as by having it on my phone I’m guaranteed to see it several times a day. If you do decide to keep this declaration of your goals somewhere nearby, so that you can gain access to it when needed.

Programme your dreams.
Before going to sleep at night, read your declaration, and pretend that you have already attained your goals. Imagine how you would feel when you have achieved them. In your mind, notice your surroundings, smell the smells, hear the sounds, feel the feelings. lt can not be emphasized too strongly, that when you imagine that you have actually achieved your goals, you must also ‘feel’ that you have achieved them.
Go through this same ‘ritual’ when you wake up in the morning also. By going through this daily process, you are tricking your subconscious mind into believing that you have already reached your goals, and in turn, your subconscious mind relays ideas and methods for you to reach these goals, back to your conscious mind. When you receive these inspirational thoughts and ideas, they must be written down, especially if the appear as dreams, otherwise they will be forgotten.
These ideas must also be read daily, along with your declaration. After a short period of time, things will begin to take shape, and a pattern will start to emerge. ln time, through persistence and determination, and by using these ideas that have come to you, you will eventually attain your dreams and desires.
Creating your declaration through creative visualisation
What is also important, is that when you write your goals down, they must be written as though you have already achieved them. An example follows :

Example: “Today is Friday the lst of February, 2013, and I am on my Way to Australia, flying Cathay Pacific Airlines First Class. The airline ticket and accommodation is paid for in full, and I have my spending money loaded on to my debit card.”
This is only one example. You should have several declarations like this written or bouncing around in your subconscious. They could be about anything that you desire, material desires such as, car, or less tangible like your perfect relationship.

lf reading your declarations twice daily tend to become boring, see if you can obtain photos or pictures of the things that you desire to have in the future. I have a friend who is dreaming her perfect trip to her no 1 destination Paris by ‘building’ it on Pinterest. She has sections for how she will travel, her hotel, chosen restaurants, everything down to the finest detail. I have no doubt she will create the perfect trip.
When you read your goals, look at these pictures also, allow them to be absorbed in to your subconscious so that you can see them in your minds eye. Put the pictures and photos in a prominent position or on your computer desktop, so that you can not help but see them as you go about your daily routine. You must turn your goals into a burning desire and then the Universe has no option but to try & deliver them to you.
You will find that by adhering to these simple steps with persistence and determination, you Will finally attain success.

Relationship example using Dream Tarot

A friend of mine told me she was desperate to meet a creative, fiery, exciting lover. Artistic & interested in travel, open to new experience. Immediately I thought of the Page of Wands as he fills all of the criteria, encouraging her to embrace the techniques here. I gave her one of my Page of Wands card, explained the meaning of The Page of Wands Tarot card and encouraged her to begin manifesting the page in to her life by placing him under her pillow, to consciously dream him in to reality, … Let’s see what happens !
Always remember to assume a positive attitude when reading the Tarot or using these visualisation tehniques, and may I wish you every success in developing your Tarot reading skills your intuition & manifesting the life of your dreams …

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