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What is Your Destiny ?

I can still see the careers masters reaction. Some 30 years ago he had asked the question : “What are you really here for ?. What is it that you are going to do with your life ?”. Without hesitation I told him that my purpose was working with the Tarot, his confused face looked back at me, speechless. I had spent many happy months with my mad psychic Irish Aunties who regularly gave me readings & knew this was my destiny. Later, from my family home, I used to gaze at Glastonbury Tor which became my beacon. The place I spent many happy weeks diving in to my first experience with the magic of Tarot. Look back deep inside, what is it that you know is your ultimate destiny ?.

Connect to your authentic self

Recently I have been quite spectacularly, deliriously ill. As I led hallucinating, sweating & forcing down the evil medication, I suddenly realised that whatever the careers advisor or any on else had said to me, it was my duty to follow my dream, to rediscover exactly what it is that inspires me & keeps me alive. I have committed to uncovering even more layers of meaning within my Tarot life & have tentatively started planning a journey to revisit the places that set me on my journey. I am lucky enough to have been around the world, living & experiencing many fascinating cultures. Perhaps it is now time for me to head home to acknowledge my childhood haunts, my formative years.

Psychic Ireland

The images in the header of this piece show some idyllic pics of summers in Ireland. Ireland has become a popular tourist destination. When I first spent my summers deep in the south there, it was a far less developed place. As my family were responsible for looking after the local Church I am sure this is where my fascination with organised ritual, magick & religion arose. Ireland now has a global appeal and people from all over the world, visit and enjoy what this magical place has to offer. Why is Ireland such a fascinating place ? Why do people want to visit it over and over again?

The Emerald Isle – Luck of the Irish – The Gift of the Gab

Ireland is proudly called the “emerald isle” due to its lush greenery. The capital city Dublin is known for its cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere. When I was a child it was the donkeys & the promise of a glimpse of leprechauns, plus too much cola & lucky bags in the local ’24hr’ pub that held my fascination. I’m convinced that it was here my personality was partially formed by spending time with my outrageous ancestors !.

Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Home to the Irish race, the Irish people contribute to the appeal of Ireland. They are known for their hospitality and welcome everyone with a smile. One of the most appealing things about Irish people is their values for culture that’s strengthened by History. The Irish follow the Irish principles of their ancestors and their amiability is a trait that’s synonymous with the Irish.

Ireland boasts of astounding views and one can witness nature in all its brilliance here. There are so many extraordinary natural attractions here. If you want to view nature in its splendor and unadulterated spectacle, you really should put Ireland on your bucket list.

Ireland is known for its rich history and culture, which is evident in the festivals. Visitors can always slide into the festive spirit of this enthralling country. There are festivals that celebrate art, music, films, nature, youth and history. These festivals and fares are yet another proof, of the reverence the Irish have towards their rich culture and heritage.

Ireland is a home to historical sites and heritage castles. Tourists can relive the times bygone in the museums and castles out here. The National museum of Ireland is in Dublin, besides other museums that celebrate art, literature and even transportation. The castles that served as fortresses and residents for Royals, now serve as historical tourist attractions.

Staying In Ireland Made Easy

With the transportation modes offered, it is easy to get to this splendid country. One can use land, air or water connections in Ireland. Accommodation is easy for visitors, with an endless range of hotels and accommodation options in Ireland. Many different budgets suit anyone, ranging from economy to full on luxurious splendour. I for one am planning a visit back to Ireland as soon as I can …

I hope you manifest everything you desire

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