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Sun signs, moon signs and ascendants, oh my !.
One of the comments I often hear from astro-sceptics is that they find it hard to accept any system that attempts to categorize the whole of human nature into 12 character or personality types.
Putting aside the fact that the Myers-Briggs personality approach has only 16 types, 8 of which are considered dominant, and the other half practically ignored, oh and Type A, Type B personality simplifications, sometimes, when I’m feeling contentious, I try to explain that astrology isn’t that simple.
OK, so we’ve all heard someone referred to as, “a typical Leo,” when they’re being bossy. We’ve probably come across people who when we ask their birthday, we are stunned to learn their star sign, because we had them pegged as something else completely.
Most often, I find, it’s because the star sign is only a small piece of the puzzle that is human nature. If it were that simple, it wouldn’t be called astrology, now would it? It would be called Solology, or something such. Astrology, of course, refers to the position of the celestial bodies in the heavens at the time of your birth, not just the sun.
Your sun sign may represent your deepest inner nature, the journey you have to take on Earth, but it can be overshadowed by other aspects of your chart. Perhaps none more so than your moon sign, and rising sign, especially if the two happen to coincide. Because your moon sign represents your emotional responses and short-term reactions to events, and your rising sign governs your self-image and the way others see you, if those two are the same, it’s easy for others to see you as more typical of that other sign.
So if your moon sign was Gemini, say, giving you changeable emotions that are vocally expressed and a tendency to bore easily, coupled with Gemini in the ascendant, giving you an inquisitive and chatty, though restless and even fickle image, people might be surprised when you tell them you’re a home loving, peaceful Cancer at heart.
Or say you meet someone with the force, intelligence and emotional intensity and integrity of a Scorpio Moon, coupled with the charisma and insight of Scorpio rising. Might you be surprised to learn that underneath all that personality lurks a modest, nit-picking worrywart of a Virgo?
The point is, yes, there are just 12 sun signs. Each of them, though has the potential to combine with each of the 12 moon signs and each of the 12 rising signs, for a fascinating 1728 combinations, and that’s even before you consider where the remaining planets fall, which is the ruling planet, and how the positions of the planets affect each other.
So before you dismiss astrology as hogwash because you don’t see yourself as typical of your sun sign, head on over to my Astrology site Astromara.com and pick up your Free Love Horoscope Report, with a free birth chart and explanations, and see if you’re more like your star and moon signs.

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