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In Chinese Astrology 2014 is the Year of the Green Wood Horse.  As I was born under the sign of the horse I am seriously hoping that as predicted 2014 will be a very lucky year for those born under that sign .

This combination corresponds on many levels to fresh starts & sustained good luck. Green of course is symbolic of spring, new shoots, and new growth. The element of Wood also has a favourable position in the table of the five elements, placed between water and fire, so all in all this combination has lots of potential.

Every year the Chinese zodiac changes and as I’ve said 2014 is the Year of the Horse. Each zodiac has its own meaning and predictions for the year ahead. Those born in the Year of the Horse are likely to have certain personality traits and will mix well with certain zodiac signs.

The Start of the Year of the Horse

2014’s Chinese New Year falls on February 3. It is actually the start of spring for the Chinese calendar. However, New Year Day for the Chinese is January 31, just to make it confusing! The celebrations for the New Year take around a week to encompass all the separate days for this exciting time.

This year is supposed to be exciting and wild. It is excellent for those with a happy-go-lucky personality and for those who are willing to take risks. While there will be shocks, twists, and turns, it is likely to be fun and adventurous.

The Different Types of Horses

There are different horses when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. 2014 will see the Year of the Wood Horse. The Wood Horse is helpful and methodical. He is dependable but quirky. However, to stick to the Horse trait, a person will be independent and unbiased when making decisions.

It is easy for the Horse to forget what he is doing and often jump to certain conclusions, even if they are not the right one. There is a hatred of wasting time, which can often come across as being impatient and hot-headed. Many of my new gen z customers hate wasting time too, they don’t have time to hang around & have found my psychic text service is the perfect way to get their answers as quickly as possible. When time is wasted, a person becomes irritable and annoyed at the situation.  Free psychic readings are a good place to understand everything about your spiritual blueprint. From your Chinese Zodiac animal to your western zodiac sign you will find everything you need among the pages of this site.

The Horse and Other Zodiac Signs

You can identify your Chinese Zodiac sign & find out how you interact with other signs on my Chinese Astrology Page by clicking Here.

There are certain zodiac signs that the Horse will get on with. The Tiger, Dog and Goat are the three that cause a very harmonious relationship. However, a Horse will also get on well with someone born in the Year of the Rooster.

When working with other Horses, he will be able to get along but it takes effort. The same applies to the Dragon and Pig. The three zodiac signs that he will really struggle to get on with are the Rat, Monkey and Rabbit.

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2014 is the Year of the Green Wooden Horse. It is a year for independence and making decisions. It is a chance for people to have fun and enjoy a wild and interesting year as long as they don’t completely throw caution to the wind !.

I hope 2014 is a fantastic year for you, whatever your sign!

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