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I am suddenly receiving many hits from one of my absolutely favourite places, the magnificent India. I used to travel there quite often in a previous life in fashion. I first went to India armed with a ‘quick fix’ book called something like ‘heal your life today!’, I was going to be there for a month. Everything seems possible in the brilliant light of India, it is like life in colour. I naively thought that as I turned the last page of that book, my life would be magically transformed to a dreamlike existence. In fact I realise now this time was a catalyst in formulating my plan for where I wanted my life to lead. I have met incredible mystics on my travels. One of my all time favourites was on this trip. My driver was polite enough to humour my witterings  as I banged on about my love of Tarot  & said he had just the man.

We met this gentleman on the side of the road & there was nothing like tall dark strangers or wild predictions. Just the most incredible character assessment & understanding of my life & where it had led me so far with a warning to not just repeat where I had been but to constantly look to stretch my comfort zone.
In retrospect this man was incredibly enlightened and selfless enough to try & introduce me to looking for experience outside my self obsession. I survive most of the time in the maelstrom of London & the memory of this encounter seems like a dream I must try & engineer a trip back to India one time soon.

It was on this trip that I started properly organising my free tarot reading pages & linked them to my psychic reading pages which form the backbone of my website. I am proud to feature many favourite psychics & am blown away by the positive comments I’ve received. This is my happy place & my main focus so even though the technical side drives me to distraction the development of my sites is the thing that grabs my focus most days.

At the heart of most belief systems there are simple concepts, that if you are receptive, can liberate you from confusion. The concept of ‘going inside ‘ & stilling the mind to listen to the inner voice fascinates me & I can’t wait to receive some more words of wisdom. I have been studying the seven chakras since my last amazing jaunt around India & though I have barely scratched the surface, I now intend to explore this concept more fully. I have encountered the chakras and their power in controlling our energy, the chakras are embedded in my Nine of Cups card which is my favourite card of potential & magic.

Thank You for reading It is really appreciated

Paul O’Mara

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