Tarot card meanings the number cards of the Minor Arcana

ace of cups tarot meaning

Tarot card meanings, the number cards of the Minor Arcana

Ace : Always the beginning or spark of a situation, the aces in Tarot are the radix, the power, the catalyst in any development

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Two : Representative of a balance, usually involving choice and partnerships or relationships of all kinds

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Three : Development, realisation, expansion. The situation matures

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Four : The basis or roots of any concern, careful consideration of cause is needed around the fours

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Five : Instability, doubts, change, indecision, squabbles

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Six : Reflection, harmonious change, flexibility that brings results

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Seven : Realisation, success, ability helped by luck, positive outlook

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Eight : Advancement, radical change, discovering the way forward

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Nine : Success, attainment, results, the culmination of a project or phase

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Ten : The closing of the circle, the end of a phase, the predetermined result, completion

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