Be Your own Talisman

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On a daily basis I have talismans & religious artefacts all about my person as a protective shield & to ‘amplify my powers’. In a challenging business meeting yesterday I was turning a lump of moldavite around in my fingers. Moldavite is one of my big guns, my own personal kryptonite that called to me in the alleyways of Glastonbury on a visit home many years ago. I wear a buddha from Kamakura at all times. I’m taken to carrying a daily Tarot card, a crucifix, a vintage key, a rosary, any other charm or amulet picked up on my journey through life so far. Combined with the several incantations, chants & prayers that power me. Even perhaps a herb or potion to protect me internally as my path unfolds. I use vintage Tarot & Cartomancy decks occasionally, people often comment: ‘Wow those cards are so powerful!”. The truth is they are just a collection of painted pasteboards.

A large green moldavite ring is my strongest talisman, the most powerful protection I have when I feel the need for some spiritual technology to supercharge my instincts & defences. I often amplify this with a relatively new favourite Libyan gold tektite. They seem to gel very well together & create a very powerful network of positivity.

Bought in the alleyways of my childhood haunt Glastonbury while visiting my mother I believe that this green beauty renders me almost indestructible.

I also don’t care what anyone else thinks about it, it’s my magic & I love it. 

My spider-sense & spiritual wi-fi always go off the scale whenever I expose myself to the special energies operating on the isle of Avalon. I often carry crystals or jewellery purchased there to connect me via my psychic umbilical cord to my homeland.  

Moldavite should come with a warning. Apparently this stone is an extraterrestrial cosmic gem that arrived in Moldovia as an asteroid around 14,000,000 years ago. 

That makes this miracle practically kryptonite.

Moldavite is the stone of transformation, it only arrives in your life when major changes need to be initiated.

This stone corresponds to The Star tarot card in the Major Arcana, The Daughter of the Firmament, Dweller between the Waters.

Inspiration, Enlightenment, Faith, Revelation, Foresight, Excitement, Acceptance, Peace & Confidence are my keywords this week.

“You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you”

When you strip away all of the talismans, magical chants and lucky charms, you are left naked, just you against the world. What crutches, totems or prayers are defending you today? You do realise you are strong enough on your own. The power is you, be your own talisman, go forth & be extraordinary.

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