Use Feng Shui to de-clutter your life & attract success!

Use Feng Shui to Make More Money

Everyone wants to make more money, but did you know that you can use the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui to help you achieve higher levels of income?  While many people have heard of this technique, many more believe that learning how to use its principles is simply too time-consuming and difficult.  Surprisingly, this practice is incredibly simple to learn, much easier than you might think.

The basic philosophy of Feng Shui is to design the perfect environment, both at home and in your professional life, that attracts positive energy and success while also allowing these energies to flow freely and smoothly throughout these internal spaces.  “Balance” of energy and harmony in all aspects of one’s life is the motivating factor behind this ancient practice.  Once a more balanced state is achieved, all areas of your life will begin to improve significantly, including your ability to make more money.

 Step One:  De-Clutter Your Life

In order to attract only positive energy, you need to make room for it to come into your life.  You can begin by simply and literally “cleaning house”.  Go through every room, every closet, and every kitchen drawer, tossing out what you no longer need or use.  If these items still have intrinsic value, consider giving them away to a local thrift shop or charity.  Get rid of all the obstacles in and around the home and office that are preventing the free flow of positive energy.  This is the basis of Feng Shui.

Step Two:  Promote Growth in your Environment

Any time that you are asking the universe to help you increase your wealth, you are essentially asking the universe to help you attain a certain level of “growth” in one or several areas of your life.  The best way to promote this growth is to incorporate houseplants in and around your home and workspace. Many people who contact via my psychic text service have questions about careeer, if the path the are following will ultimately prove successful.  Make sure to take excellent care of any plants you do acquire as they represent your growth.  Many people place a plant called a “Money Tree” on the corner of their desk at work as a means of promoting financial growth.

Step Three:  Keep Things in Working Order

In order to make more money, make sure that all of the equipment used on a daily basis to perform your job tasks are in proper and excellent working condition, this includes your telephone, your office printer, your laptop, your cell phone, and even the desk chair that you sit in for the largest portion of the work day.  Keep all areas clutter free, including the top of your desk and the inside of your desk drawers.  If your desk chair is wobbly, then get a new chair.  Keep your computer free from viruses and delete old web browser histories on a consistent basis.

Step Four:  Show Gratitude by Maintaining your Internal Spaces

The basic fundamentals of Feng Shui ask that you de-clutter and organize your home and work spaces, but this is not enough.  You need to consistently maintain these areas, vacuuming on a regular basis, dusting your furniture, watering your plans, and other normal daily chores.  By doing these practices, you are essentially showing gratitude for your current level of wealth, asking the universe to provide you with even more.  “Like attracts like”.  Do this in all areas of your life where you spend a great deal of time, even in your car & you will be amazed at how all of this positive energy attracts more abundance in to your life.

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