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Abundance.  Most questioners when they ask about ‘abundance’ mean wealth, physical moolah, money. Almost all of those questioners have a distorted view of worth, money, the sordid topic of coin. Usually their attachment to ‘wealth’ is based on something someone else has planted in their head. I’m from a poor-ish background. My mother & father worked like dogs all their lives. I remember clearly their attitude to wealth, they had an ingrained poverty consciousness. ‘We can’t go there, we are not that type of person’. ‘You can’t do / buy that, who do you think you are? Rockafella!’ My father died leaving just enough money hidden around the house for his funeral, he would have been happy, that’s all he ever wanted. The truth is physical ‘wealth’ is a construct. You can always get more money. You can never buy more health, you can never buy confidence, creativity. The real wealth is when you realise that striving for emotional or spiritual abundance is worth far more than cold hard cash. We are all time poor, the clock is always ticking. Strive to spend more time breathing, with who you love. Subconsciously start processing your creativity to bring enough physical wealth to free you from the daily grind.

Don’t be afraid to ask

How are you? The standard British response is ‘Fine thank you!’

Someone may have burnt their house down, lost all their money on the horses, or just woken up feeling desperate, for no apparent reason. The response should be the same ‘Fine’.

Some mornings you can wake up at the crack of doom being chased from your dreams by the four horsemen of the apocalypse. For me, 2 strong coffees & head first in to the routine generally sorts it, other days it can be a steeper climb.

The Nine of cups is one of my favourite cards from my original deck. It is the card of achieving dreams, gratitude, it is the wish come true card.

The Nine also has a deeper message (of course!). It is the card for seeking out sustainable happiness. Getting to that place of peace where you are genuinely happy in your skin, that’s the harder meaning to get across. 

Often seeking out happiness involves lifting the lid on uncomfortable scenarios, discussions that it would be easy to swerve. However, when you do deal with these often minor internal niggles, so many connected shadows burn away.

Professional online psychic readings can often turn in to mentoring sessions. You will encounter someone who knows what they want & is on the way to getting it, they simply need an external push, that missing piece of advice, to help all of the pieces fall in to place.

When someone embarks on an internal journey, the reliance on external stimuli tends to fall away, they don’t require validation from anything or anyone anymore. You know those people, the ones who seem to smile from the inside.

When the Nine appears to you accept unquestioningly that your desires are about to be realised. Rewards and a pleasurable time stretch out in front of you, give thanks to whatever power you believe in and accept the abundance and contentment that is set to wash over you.

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological correspondence here

is Jupiter in Pisces. Emotional stability is

yours now. Expect success, you have

accomplished much. Now is the time to

experience sustained happiness.

Go forth & be magnetic today, attract everything you need effortlessly, enjoy your day & breathe

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