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“Something unexpected is coming to you, something that will benefit you, a surprise that will lift your spirits & will benefit you in many different ways”.
What was that last sentence ?, It was an affirmation that I have been keeping in my mind for the last couple of days as I struggled through the end of a long hard week.
Guess what ? Just before I sat down to type this entry in my blog, I received an unexpected ‘phone call. A magazine I have appeared in has completely out of the blue decided to run an advertisement for me, For Free !. Co-incidence ?, yes that is a possibility, however advertising space is not only expensive, but also at a premium in the pages of this prestigious publication.

I prefer to believe that this was an example of ‘Cosmic Ordering’ in action. I have been sending positive vibes out to the Universe, really feeling that my thoughts would bring about something tangible, that my thoughts would really become things. After all, everything around you, everything you can see has originated as an idea in the mind of someone.

Try it now, really focus your mind on projecting attraction in to the Universe, whatever it is you are attempting to attract, make it as real in your mind as you possibly can before sending your order to the cosmos. On a smaller scale my Online wishing Well has been performing this purpose for thousands of people for many years. I have had reports that wishes have really come true. Send your wish to the Universe now through the power of the wishing well.

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An often overlooked take on Cosmic Ordering is the age old practice of releasing long held limiting beliefs to the Universe. For example, most of the requests I receive from people during readings is how to increase their wealth, closely followed by how to attract the perfect partner. Nine times out of ten, as I go through the reading it is obvious that these people don’t actually believe in their heart that they are worthy of whatever they are trying to attract. This is the number one reason why people do not succeed with Cosmic Ordering, You HAVE to believe that you are worthy or you are sending mixed messages to the Universe. In order to finally release your negative beliefs, write down any niggling self doubt that you have, such as “I don’t deserve wealth” or “I am not attractive enough to deserve a loving partner”. Then hold the paper over a candle & watch as your self limiting beliefs are symbolically destroyed & finally move forward.

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Focus Your Intention

One of my ongoing Cosmic Orders is that my service continues to grow and expand, offering accurate Psychic advice on all aspects of life. From the positive feedback I receive daily I know that this is the case. If after you place your Cosmic Order you would like a glimpse in to your brighter future, my team of the best Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums are waiting to reveal Your answers.

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