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Intuition is magical, it can also be learned & honed. Intuition draws on past experiences & remembered situations. Have you ever seen a dog react aggressively on past instinct? A hi-vis jacket, a motorbike, we are essentially no different. Like a muscle, gut feelings can be developed. The true magic of intuition occurs when we learn to trust which of these myriad instincts ring true. When I was a small child I had a ‘sweet or sour’ reaction to people, I think I still judge people initially from visual clues, though thankfully have learned to trust my instinct as to who are the good guys.

“Listen to your subconscious today, turn your Spider-sense up to 10”

I believe everyone is put in our orbit as a lesson we have to learn, about them or indeed about ourselves, often people can be mirrors that reflect back aspects of our personality that perhaps we aren’t totally aware of. Listen to your subconscious today, turn your Spider-sense up to 10, Who knows what you might pick up? When giving professional psychic readings online intuition is the number 1 skillset you ned to develop, have you been told you have psychic ability? Perhaps your intuition is developed enough.

Time to let your internal compass reveal your path. There is no darkness when you accept your authentic light is always shining. Once you allow your truth to be revealed everything is infinitely possible, brush off negativity & strive to be the best you can. Like sparks of light we can all connect via the global consciousness. If only we could think as one, we could create worlds beyond imagination full of unlimited potential.

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Card of the day

On my Five of Wands the scramble called life is signified by the clenched fist. Five Wands pull in opposite directions, revealing disagreements & conflicts.

Sometimes you need to prepare yourself to face a situation that cannot be avoided. 

Unfortunately life can’t be all Rainbows & Unicorns. Not everything can be blamed on a tricky star alignment. 

This card reminds us everyone has struggles, everyone looks back wishing they had seen this coming, could change the past. 

We are not the past, we are here now, the choices we make today manifest the future we deserve. If we spend time in the present moment putting out negative energy, obsessing on problems, we can’t expect tomorrow to be shiny.

If you are struggling, & many are. If there is conflict or tension around you, look for the exit. That exit might be inside, meditation focusing on changing your reaction to the situation can set you free. 

Grab today, give it a good shake. Don’t shy away from challenges, get in there & show them who’s boss.

The only thing you can ultimately control is you. Tell the internal struggle to do one, victory over the 5 can be yours

Tarot Affirmation

The Astrological connection here is

Saturn in Leo. You may face conflict,

carefully work out your next strategy,

careful to seek out only facts. Control

your emotions, victory can be yours.

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