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Developing the intuition
When you begin to focus your intuition & develop your rapport with those who come to you for a psychic reading, you have to begin to trust your senses, release your fears & really work on listening to the inner voice.

The most difficult part of beginning to give Tarot readings is to see beyond the painted images & see the real issues that are surrounding the questioner. Sometimes it is a struggle & you will have to work hard to show that what the person has been experiencing may not actually be the real reality.
Many times I have given readings to people who want to re-kindle a broken relationship, for example, & thought “Why do you want to go back to something that really didn’t bring you happiness?.” Sometimes people can not “see for looking” & the journey you take with them through their reading should allow them to see their existence from a different perspective, hopefully be able to see an alternative route that could lead them to a happier outcome.
In Buddhism it is often called ‘the thousand things’, all of the myriad distractions that bombard our senses & stop us from seeing the truth in everyday situations.

We must escape from these distractions to avoid becoming trapped in repetitive patterns that stops us from revealing our true potential, the light that will reveal our authentic persona & allows us to truly live the life we are meant to.

It is also crucial to realise that everyone who we interact with has been presented to us so that we can learn a specific lesson. We naturally focus selfishly on ourselves, if we can but really see the individuals that we encounter on a daily basis, we then naturally start to uncover the path that will eventually lead us to our personal happiness.

When we begin to tune in to other people & take the focus off of ourselves, then we begin to transcend the five senses & intuition begins to reveal things just outside of our usual consciousness.

The more we develop our inner light, the more our readings begin to reveal more through the forces of rapport & intuition. We begin to rely less on the ‘tools’, such as Tarot cards & begin to be able to have a powerful effect on all those who we encounter.

Next time You are giving a reading try & connect to your intuition & try & rely less on the tools or standardised meanings. You May be surprised.

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